United States

Principal Software Engineer

$160,000-$250,000 / YEAR

About the Position

Millions of shoppers are interacting with Assurance, across a variety of mediums, and are being connected seamlessly to our thousands of independent licensed users.  An experienced principal software engineer will focus on driving innovation and drive a roadmap for communication platform which enables thousands of our independent agents to seamlessly interact with millions of customers across a variety of mediums. Candidate should possess strong analytical and problem solving skills, be an expert in modeling controlled experiments and building A/B testing and experimentation frameworks, have solid computer science and math fundamentals, and have DevOps and cloud infrastructure skills. Candidate should also have strong ownership and be an excellent communicator.

About You

You have a strong understanding of cloud development and are proficient in cloud patterns and services. Collaborative teamwork is your primary mode of operation. You’re not shy about reaching out to others with questions and you’re eager to support your peers in their work. At the same time, you understand what ownership and accountability for your individual work means.  You thrive in a fast-paced environment where priorities can shift rapidly as we corner opportunities.  You’re ready to change the world of insurance, and you know that all starts with high quality software and services.

To be successful in this role, you must possess the following:

    • BS in Computer Science or Math
    • 7+ years of distributed application development experience
    • Strong object-oriented coding skills
    • 3+ years of experience with Python and Ruby
    • Experience building high traffic, low latency distributed systems
    • 3+ years of experience building A/B testing and experimentation frameworks
    • 5+ years experience with AWS
    • Passion for writing high quality, clean, well-tested code
    • Ability to work well with a team
    • Track record of meeting software development deadlines
    • Working knowledge of SQL
    • 3+ years experience integrating with external APIs
    • Experience building and maintaining software services that serve 1000+ transactions per second
    • Analytical aptitude and hands on data-driven problem-solving abilities
    • Experience with agile/Scrum software development
    • Experience with DevOps

About Assurance

About Assurance Assurance offers the best online insurance shopping experience; within minutes a customer can have instantly approved life, health, auto, or home coverage. We’ve simplified the online checkout process so that customers can get covered instantly online, and we’ve also built an on-demand workforce of licensed insurance agents that can speak with customers who want to talk to an expert, 24x7. Powering all of this is a cloud-first, event-driven, service-oriented-architecture, using the latest software frameworks. We combine our web technology with data science models at every step to make intelligent decisions about how we market to customers, what policies we recommend, and which agents we match to customers. Our mission is to make insurance easier, cheaper, and higher quality, for everyone – not just the affluent. Our team is humble, driven, and committed to improving the lives of millions.  We’ve pioneered many new technologies and are proud of many world-first technical achievements. We are the only company to pay commissions to on-demand workers with a real-time payment solution, so money earned is deposited into their bank accounts instantly, every day of the year; and to pay dynamic bonus rewards generated in real-time by machine learning models during phone sales calls. We developed a voice signature technology to enable customers to conveniently sign for their insurance policy over the phone. We built a completely serverless telephony platform that uses dozens of machine learning models to automatically optimize how we place phone calls to customers and connect them with sales agents on the platform.  In September 2019, Assurance was acquired by Prudential (NYSE:PRU; $36B market cap) to further the joint mission of improving financial wellness across the world. We are at the forefront of this exciting mission and are looking for experienced software engineers who are excited about the chance to rethink the insurance industry from the ground up in a technology-first manner.   Our Offices  We have 3 engineering offices worldwide in Seattle (headquarters), Toronto and Kathmandu. Each office has many teams of engineers; each team owns a set of software applications and business functionality. We work collaboratively across time zones and geographies, using Slack, Zoom, Github, and email. Engineers in remote offices will typically visit headquarters once or twice per year.