DevOps Engineer

$24,000-$48,000 / YEAR

Casai is on a mission to transform how people travel to Latin America. We're in stealth mode for now, so we can't say much.

But imagine this: a world-class team with backgrounds in technology and hospitality, backed by world-class investors (who are behind every single unicorn in the region), and building a world-class product redefining the future of travel. Trained at the best universities in the US, UK, and Mexico, the founding team has come together from SF and CDMX to create a distinctly local product with global ambitions. We currently are looking for dev ops engineers which will help us manage our cloud platforms as well as development and deployment processes Things you should have / do well:
  • 2+ years of (non-professional or professional) experience with AWS EC2, RDS, ECS, S3, VPCs & networking, cross-account automations, EKS, Beanstalk, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront.
  • GCP experience nice to have but not necessary.
  • Experience and knowledge about distributed systems design.
  • 2+ years of experience using tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Github, Ansible, Continuous Deployment / Testing, terraform or other IaC.
  • Cybersecurity professional experience also nice to have but not necessary