Bublup, Inc

Bublup, Inc

Multiple Locations

Experienced Backend Developer

The Job

Bublup is hiring Back-End Web Application Developers to create state of the art, highly interactive applications. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for people who love to write code, but also have a great imagination.

Skill Areas

Our team has a mix of skill areas and we are hiring a range of experience levels for various positions. Therefore, we are not hung up on an exact skill list or a specific number of years of experience. We want talented people who have experience with various technologies for back-end development of web and mobile applications, and who adapt to whatever the right architecture, languages, and libraries are to build the best total system and deliver the best user experience.

Some Important Skills:

  • Proficiency in several of the following areas:
    • Distributed, loosely-coupled multi-tier web applications
    • Multi-threaded code
    • Couchbase or similar NoSQL key/value stores
    • Kafka
    • Ruby on Rails, with particular experience in highly scalable applications (experience with JRuby a plus)
    • ElasticSearch
  • Comfort level across the entire application stack
  • Linux/UNIX environment
    • Experience with container technology like Docker, Kubernetes a plus
  • API Definition and implementation
  • Some familiarity integrating with cloud services or product APIs like S3, Google Cloud, Facebook, etc.
  • Back-end services using JSON, AJAX, REST
    • Familiarity with how front-ends integrate with back-end services
  • Database clustering and replication

About Bublup, Inc

Bublup is a new cloud storage platform that is visual, social, and fun. The platform is designed to simplify and enhance the appeal of the cloud to everyone.  Bublup allows users to save all their digital stuff – documents, music, links, etc. – in visually compelling folders, and then share that content with their friends or colleagues. We always give users total control over their privacy.  Some users have described Bublup as a cross between Pinterest, Dropbox, Evernote, and other popular apps. We gained 150,000 users in our first seven months with great reviews and continue to grow rapidly. The market Bublup serves is vast and the need is significant, so we have an extremely exciting opportunity ahead of us!