Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly

Horsham, GB

Senior Graphics Programmer

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a new core technology initiative at Creative Assembly.

Working with our experienced graphics team, you will have the opportunity to leverage the latest rendering techniques to push forward the look and feel of our games. You will work with the team, bringing a creative mindset to challenge the limits of graphics programming, and make a real contribution to the player experience on a world-leading strategy game franchise.

Key Responsibilities

Working in a varied and challenging and development environment, you will be researching and implementing new graphics related technologies. You will work on GPU/CPU optimisations and program modules of the game including; design, implementation, debugging and documentation.

As a key member of the team, you will collaborate with the Art and Design teams in solving problems and implementing new features. Working with the Lead Programmer and Development Manager you will be helping to define realistic targets and deliverables, ensuring they are achieved. All of this is achieved by keeping to the studios high-quality programming standards and development processes. Communication is key to the success of this role and you will be expected to clearly and confidently communicate issues that may arise and offer solutions to resolve them.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience


  • Fluent C++
  • Experience with Visual Studio
  • Experience with DirectX 11
  • Experience with DirectX 12 or Vulkan
  • Excellent communication skills; both written and verbal
  • Experience working on at least three shipped titles
  • Multi-threaded / multi-core development experience


  • RTS game enthusiast or thorough appreciation of the Total War franchise