???? Paidy

???? Paidy

Tokyo, JP

React Native engineer (native Android app development experience is required)

¥7,000,000-¥10,000,000 / YEAR

About Paidy Inc.

Paidy was founded with the mission to create a world of “We remove the barriers, embrace simplicity”, offering its real-time monthly consolidated credit service all across Japan.

Paidy started Japan’s first instant post-pay credit service for e-commerce consumers in October 2014. Paidy requires no pre-registration or credit card to use; Paidy consumers purchase products online using only a mobile phone number and email address (verification is established through a four-digit code via SMS or voice pin-code) and settle a single monthly bill for all their purchases, either at a convenience store, by bank transfer or auto-debit. Paidy also supports multi-pay installments and subscriptions. There are currently over 4,000,000 Paidy accounts in use (Oct 2020). Paidy has proved a powerful means of persuading first-time buyers to transact online. Its proprietary models and machine learning

mean that transactions are underwritten in seconds, with guaranteed payment to merchants.

Paidy increases merchant revenues by reducing incomplete transactions, increasing conversion rates, boosting average order values, and facilitating easy repeat buying.

For more information visit http://www.paidy.com.

React Native engineer (experience with native Android is required)

Paidy is a payment platform that lets online merchants accept payments in real-time from customers without credit cards.

Paidy is looking for engineers to join the platform team. We build and support an innovative payment platform that processes cardless payments, opening up convenient online commerce for people without credit cards. Every day, week & month, our hallenge is to scale and support the growing merchant and consumer base, evolve along with their needs, while maintaining and protecting simplicity along all dimensions.

About the team
We’re growing fast and we know that what worked a year ago won’t necessarily work a year from now. This applies to our technology and the organization of our teams. This offers tremendous opportunities for those willing to take ownership and responsibilities.
We believe in honesty & empathy, introspection & collaboration, laughter & relationships, play to your strengths and patch your weaknesses, ask questions at all times, stay open-minded.

About the job
The Paidy product & platform revolves around data. Looking at our future, we need to look at every piece of our business architecture and infrastructure with a detailed and critical eye. You will help us be thoughtful and deliberate about tackling the right bottlenecks, as well as develop new features and support, extend or simplify the existing ones. You’ll have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of creating simple user experiences for complex products.

As a Senior Developer, you will work directly with engineers, product managers, and designers to build a great experience in various development projects. You will be joining a great collaborative and hands-on team and working with the latest mobile technologies to define and implement robust app architectures and complex user interfaces with security in mind.

Preferred Qualifications:
? Experience with React Native
? Degree in CS, Engineering or equivalent through experience
? Great communication and collaboration skills, and a strong teamwork ethic.
? Critical thinking skills and high attention to detail.
? Be able to educate and give direction to junior members.
? Strong sense of ownership and ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines.
? Passion for mobile application development as well as a deep understanding of Android and Google
Play ecosystem and tools and be able to catch up with the latest technology trend.
? Familiar with Android application development, Agile development and SDLC, and mobile app
release processes.
? Experience with Kotlin, Java, and proficient in Android Studio and GIT.
? Experience third-party libraries, RESTful APIs, and local databases.
? Highly proficient in the following concepts: OOP, MVVM, LiveData, Automation, and testability.

Nice To Have Qualifications:
? Good knowledge in asynchronous programming using RxJava or Kotlin coroutines.
? Knowledge of Gradle scripting

Please include in your application
? A short introduction describing who you are and what you are looking for. What projects have you
enjoyed working on? Which have you disliked? What motivated you?
? Link to online profiles you use (GitHub, Dribble, etc).
? A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or prose)