Tempe, AZ

Senior Security Engineer - Window Workstation and Citrix

As a Senior Security Engineer you will assist in ongoing efforts to ensure successful patch deployments and vulnerability remediation. You will track progress and participate in security compliance meetings and will focus on Windows Workstation and Citrix for patching and remediation of vulnerabilities along with non-patchable configurations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Review patch information and create an action plan for patch deployments
  • Coordinate with system owners to test and implement patch implementations
  • Monitor information security issues related to MUFG systems and workflow
  • Generate vulnerability analysis, tracking and remediation reports producing concise, detailed written reports highlighting key components of research and analysis
  • Engage with multiple teams to achieve security objectives and proactively mitigate losses from financial malware

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5 years experience in computing and information security including Wintel patch management and deployments
  • Experience with cyber-security vulnerability analysis and remediation
  • Experienced JavaScript developer with deep knowledge of the language including newer specifications of EcmaScript
  • Experience with Windows workstation and Citrix environments to troubleshoot and guide remediation and perform analysis
  • Scripting with PowerShell

Competitive Qualifications

  • Report creation abilities
  • Knowledge of vulnerability tools like Qualys or Rapid7