At Request, our mission is to interconnect isolated financial systems to create more efficient and inclusive economies. We are accomplishing this by building a completely decentralized and open network for transaction requests. WE BUILD THE FUTURE OF INVOICING AND BUSINESS Our core technology is an open-source protocol. It allows records of transactions to be easily stored and accessed. This shared network gives financial systems a shared language to communicate. On top of this, we are building Request Invoicing, the biggest crypto-friendly invoicing application. Request users benefit from our unique payment detection solution: the reconciliation of invoices payments is 100% automated. CFOs, accountants and auditors have the clearest financial view they could imagine. Our upcoming priorities may include: integration of more blockchains and currencies, improvement of the payers’ UX with different kinds of wallets (for example: multisig wallets), decentralized escrow system embedded within the smart invoice, fiat on-ramps & off-ramps, mobile app etc.


Mobile engineering team lead

We are looking for an experienced Mobile Development Engineer to join the development team, with a minimum full-stack background, able to kick-start the tech foundations of a very new project.


Based on the specifications of the Request Expenses MVP, on Request Invoicing features and on our current infrastructure :

  • Make the first MVP and iterate. The MVP should be a mobile app or mobile-friendly web-app
  • Design the infrastructure, software & development process to make it future-proof
  • Our current stack: Typescript, Node, React, Mongo, Kubernetes, Docker, Circle CI.
  • Give your input and needs for the continuous improvement of the Request Network library, make it easy to pay and get paid on public blockchains with open source packages: request-client.js, payment-processor, payment-detection, etc.


  • Solid knowledge of computer science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, databases, distributed systems, operating systems, networking
  • Ability to lead a mobile product development from scratch (with the product manager)
  • Strong interest in blockchain technology, and the future of payments
  • Good knowledge of Typescript and Node.js
  • Used to open-source development
  • Understanding of API design (REST, RPC)
  • Good understanding of git and continuous integration tools
  • Self-motivated, innovative and proactive
  • Ability to take responsibility for projects and the willingness to learn and grow professionally in a team environment
  • Willingness to improve by giving and asking for feedback
  • Team spirit above personal results

Bonus - this makes you stand out

  • Good knowledge of Ethereum: frequent dapp usage or smart-contract development
  • Cryptography
  • Monitoring of stability and performances