ABOUT REPAY REPAY (“Realtime Electronic Payments” / NASDAQ TICKER: RPAY) is an established and fast-growing publicly traded financial technology and payment processing company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices across the country. REPAY enables its customers to accept payments anytime, anywhere, and through any channel while providing a secure, seamless, and enjoyable payment experience for the end consumers. REPAY offers a comprehensive suite of electronic payment and funding solutions, including debit and credit card processing, ACH processing, Instant Funding, and electronic bill payment systems with full IVR, text, and mobile capabilities. The scalability of its products allows merchants of all sizes to add an instant arsenal of intelligent payment technology solutions to their businesses without significant development costs or infrastructure investments. ABOUT CPAYPLUS cPayPlus, a REPAY company, was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. cPayPlus is an accounts payable (AP) automation provider to a variety of industries, with concentrations in automotive, hospitality, and field services. cPayPlus’ technology platform simplifies the way businesses make payments by efficiently executing its clients’ outbound AP payments via virtual card, ACH, or check. 
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