The idea for Hit Subscribe started humbly with me, an engineer, blogging as a side hustle. I partnered with my wife, an editor by trade, and we co-founded Hit Subscribe. Now, many clients, dozens of authors, and lots of great staff members later, we're looking for even more authors to support our growing client base. In other words, we're looking for you to join our author pool. The author pool is a group of engineers that like sharing their knowledge with the tech community. As an author we'll look to you to create blog posts for our clients; that's our bread and butter. But we also have opportunities for authors to write whitepapers, give webinars, make videos, create courses, deliver virtual and on-site training, consult, and more. Please feel free to apply or, if you want a lower-friction way to see what we're all about, you can sign up for our mailing list. We send out our "side hustlers' digest" every Thursday, listing content creation opportunities we have.

Hit Subscribe

Technical Blogger

Hit Subscribe is a company that hires engineers to write content for technical blogs. So what we're looking for is quite straightforward: engineers interested in a side hustle writing technical content for companies that sell to engineers. Or, put more simply, we want you to write content (mostly blog posts) about technical topics like DevOps, automated testing, machine learning, security, and more.

If you like writing blog posts (or think you might, and have been meaning to start your own technical blog) let's talk.

This opportunity is:

  1. 100% remote.
  2. An extremely flexible side hustle where you can make up to $400 per post.
  3. A chance to get immediately in front of a large audience.
  4. A chance to cross-post content to your own blog (while getting paid for that content).
  5. Great for building relationships in the industry, with our clients and other authors.
  6. Excellent for helping with your brand and positioning, whether an employee or a freelancer/contractor.

Here's how to get started/apply:

Our writing needs tend to be quite variable from one week to the next. So if you're interested in writing for us, here is the process:

  1. Fill out the Stack Overflow application. Include information about your tech and writing experience. Please send us a link to a writing sample or a blog post that you've written.
  2. If it looks like a good fit, we'll onboard you, and get you going on your first, actual, paid post.
  3. Please note that we don't interview or screen candidates beyond what you put in the application form, so the first post is a mutual trial. Your first post doesn't need to be perfect by any stretch, but there is a zero-tolerance policy for being late at any point in the drafting process, plagiarism, or claiming subject matter expertise you don't actually have. (This rarely happens--please don't be intimidated.)
  4. From there, you're an officially onboarded author.

Please note: we're only looking for applications through Stack Overflow, not through any sites that scrape Stack Overflow, through direct email, or through social media.

I get that you might think, "I know, I'll make an impression by standing out from the crowd and applying in a different way!" I'd think that too. And, while I appreciate the virtues that drive that thinking, it winds up overwhelming our staff. So please apply through StackOverflow and understand if we ignore other channels--it's nothing personal.