Digital Masterplanning

Digital Masterplanning

Full Stack Java Script Pro...Who Wants to Dent the Universe

$72,000-$103,000 / YEAR

DMP is building a diverse in-house development team for the long haul and the next piece of the puzzle is a Full Stack Vue.js pro:

  • Having at least 1 year of recent experience working with Vue2 or Vue3
  • Javascript Allstar
  • Commitment to clean code principles, including JSdoc
  • Comfortable with CI / CD and Unit Testing / TDD
  • Has strong working experience with Bootstrap and Node.js

Good to have experience working with: Docker, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Cesium, End 2 End Testing

DMP's SaaS / PaaS tech stack consists of:

Frontend: Vue2, Javascript, Bootstrap, Cesium

Backend: AWS ECS (Node.js / Express), RDS / Aurora (PostgreSQL / PostGIS), S3, TerraForm IAC

What are we Developing?

The real estate development and construction industry is notoriously lagging when it comes to advancements in productivity, data integration and geospatial technology. Entire sectors of the industry are built around archaic processes. The Digital MasterPlanning Application (DMP) allows real estate and cellular infrastructure developers, public sector planners and supporting technical/professional teams to collaboratively create thorough scenario based development plans in a 3D and data rich environment, manage the construction process and virtually maintain the development asset all through one intuitive life cycle platform. DMP gives users the ability to obliterate inefficiencies, drive disintermediation and accelerate productivity.

DMP prides itself not only on improving the efficiency and productivity of real estate and cellular infrastructure development, but on providing users with environmental impact and urban planning tools to encourage socially responsible development.

What's My Day to Day Look Like?

Our development process lets each engineer take their assigned feature from kickoff to production...we know you love to see your work through to the end! Once you are assigned a feature you will have a kickoff meeting with our Head of Development to walk through the business requirements and the detailed Balsamiq wireframe to ensure you have a clear vision of the functionality and design. A majority of your time will be spent developing the frontend using the Vue.js framework, integrating with our Cesium engine, then tying into the AWS server-based backend using Node.js.

We have a Monday, Wednesday, Friday standup meeting cadence with 1 - 2 week sprints. We use Trello for sprint management and feature specific communication, Slack for general and quick communication and Gitlab as our repo. Our asynchronous game is tight, but we like to keep 9 - 5 hours to minimize lag time and blockers.

How Can I Advance My Career?

Although DMP is a startup, our team, advisors and shareholders are all subject matter experts in their particular field with years of experience. This allows us to remain lean yet make huge progress in an organized and structured way. Every addition to our team plays a significant role and will be expected to execute their responsibilities to the highest standard and will have the freedom to make decisions and take action as they see fit. It is our goal to maintain a lean team and as a foundational member of the team, the success of the company will directly translate into your success including your compensation, benefit package and position advancement.