Grier Forensics

Grier Forensics

Owings Mills, MD

C++ Software Engineer - Ability to WFH Most Days (Security and Forensics)

Using C++ and other languages, you'll develop the next generation of security technology. We’ve used C++ to:

  • Accelerate device level forensics by more than 10x over existing technology
  • Implement new network protocols enabling collaborative defense against distributed attacks
  • Detect patterns of insider data theft in real-time through file system analytics

C++ is our language of choice for low-level systems software. We write modern C++ (STL, RAII, and Boost). But, given our addiction to innovation and our position on its leading edge, our platforms and tools are always evolving. Therefore, a good fit requires that you thrive on learning new domains and tackling new challenges. Deep talent, problem solving, and a commitment to quality are more important than proficiency in any single language.

Our work straddles the fence between engineering and research. Like research, we’re inventing things that have never been done before. We thrive on discovery and are comfortable with risk. And our domain is never static. Yet, like engineering, we haven’t succeeded until we’ve produced well-built systems that people actually use.

We write code to be read. We’re looking for someone who cares deeply about clear, clean, well-factored code. We emphasize architecture: the right architecture leads to a robust, simple, flexible implementation. Our project management is strong but hands off: you’ll be given clear goals and the support you need. From there it’s your job to deliver: you’ll be expected to solve problems independently and get the job done.

If this is the type of challenge you thrive on, we’d love to speak with you further. We’re located in Central Maryland, in between Baltimore and Columbia, and about a half hour from the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Most of the time, you’ll be able to work remotely.

We offer competitive salary and benefits, including health, dental, and vision; flexible paid vacation and holidays; opportunities to perform research, speak, and publish; unlimited technical books at our expense and whatever tools you need.

When you apply, feel free to ask us any questions about the position or our firm in general. We can’t guarantee responding to all questions we get, but we’re interested in having the conversation and enabling you to learn more.

Grier Forensics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.