Advent Health Partners

Advent Health Partners

User Interface Designer

$70,000-$80,000 / YEAR

The User Interface Designer is responsible for the look and feel of page visuals and layout of the CAVO web application. This role will be responsible for collaborating on UX/UI with the Product Manager and VP of Engineering and will ultimately be responsible for creating pixel-perfect interactive mockups for new and existing features, for example, where buttons should be placed, what colors are used, and what style the dropdown menus will display.

CAVO is a healthcare-related saas application both internal and externally facing, so security is a focus of the architecture. Development considerations include user experience, user interface, client requirements, and system performance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain a comprehensive design system with consistent components and color definitions
  • Imagine elegant and thoughtful ways to present data
  • Implement best practices for intuitive user interactions
  • Collaborate with Product Manager, Senior Application Developer, Front End Developer, and VP Engineering to produce the best possible end product
  • Sketch and present mock-ups of potential UI solutions
  • Use Invision to display interactive mockups
  • Craft narratives on GitHub to provide detailed specifications and interaction patterns
  • Maintain discussions of proposed features as Github Issues
  • Tweak and debug in collaboration with peers
  • Maintain Slack conversations during working hours
  • Provide work effort estimates to management to assist in setting priorities
  • Deliver timely work in accordance with estimates
  • Solve problems as they arise and communicate potential roadblocks to manage expectations
  • Adhere strictly to all security policies.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 4+ years in a professional application design role
  • Proficient in CSS UX/UI Design Principles
  • Understanding of HTML and CSS capabilities as it relates to design
  • Expert skills using Sketch and exporting to Invision
  • An appreciation for determining the right control for the right task. Proper use of modals, menus, forms, etc, to allow for intuitive user interactions.
  • Ability to cooperatively arrive at a design solution taking into account a variety of opinions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills