Neighborhood Loans

Neighborhood Loans


.NET Developers (senior or mid-level)

$50,000-$90,000 / YEAR

Help grow a new department inside an established mortgage company using whatever tools you want within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Neighborhood Loans is looking for a handful of developers to grow the department.

We have an unlimited supply of projects which we need help with, where the overarching goal is to make the rest of the company more efficient.  Whether it be SharePoint Online development, creating Power BI reports, working with Azure, creating 3rd party plugins in C#, or any other projects that come along our way.

We're looking for someone who likes the "Microsoft stack" and who has the expertise with, or willingness to learn, the appropriate tool(s) for the job.  The projects we work on are open-ended, where we're free to choose which tool to use to get the desired result.

Specific technologies we utilize (in no particular order): SQL Server, SharePoint, Power BI, Git, Azure, C#, VB.NET (sorry), sarcasm, PowerShell, ASP.NET, and more.

The department is young, but we're growing quickly.  It's a unique opportunity to help shape our future.

Experience within the mortgage industry is a plus, but not required.  It's just a bunch of acronyms.  Experience with Ellie Mae's Encompass software is also a plus.