Network Guard

Network Guard

Singapore, SG

API Engineer / API Developer

Location: Hong Kong or Singapore

About the API Platform Team

Our team is responsible for building and maintaining the core API platform that acts as a gateway between our client applications and internal services. Our API platform is developed to be highly scalable with high availability, and we promote rapid iteration between backend and client-side teams while providing a reliable and well-performing API for our global customers.

We use a micro-services architecture with a broad range of different technology stacks and high levels of automated test coverage.

Role Responsibilities

This exciting opportunity allows you to handle systems which have their own set of interesting technical and design challenges, especially around scalability, security, and availability.

  • Architecture Design: Design components in our API platform with user-friendly interfaces for our internal teams.
  • Optimize the API infrastructure: Ensure maximum availability and stability under high load.
  • Build clean and high-quality code: Ensure that the code is well written and structured which allows the team to iterate quickly on projects.
  • DevOps: Consistently improve our development lifecycle by fine-tuning the testing and provisioning process with methods such as infrastructure-as-code
  • Code-reviews: We invest in spreading knowledge around the team, and keeping our code easy to read, test, and maintain.
  • Continuous Delivery: All logic is tested automatically. We deploy multiple times per day. We often use TDD.

Role Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in designing and building high-load scalable systems
  • Understanding of HTTP standard and RESTful design
  • Solid experience in high levels of automated test coverage on your codes with unit testing and integration testing
  • Expert in at least one modern server-side language
  • You love to solve complex problems with elegant solutions
  • You’re excited about building well-designed systems, eager to learn and continually improve your skills
  • You take great pride in the quality of your code

Nice skills to have, but not required (if any)

  • Experience in data-intensive service-oriented architecture and microservice architecture
  • Experience designing and building web applications on AWS
  • Experience in load balancing and proxying using HAProxy and Nginx
  • DevOps experience in writing Infrastructure-as-Code, using tools like Ansible CloudFormation or Terraform
  • Experience in Docker or Kubernetes
  • Performance optimization, such as caching and Linux tuning.

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.