Unusual Ventures

Systems Engineer - Databento (Fully Remote)

$130,000-$180,000 / YEAR
Databento's mission is to increase global access to data, starting with financial market data. We went remote in March, 2020 and have hired candidates from across the globe since then. Our team is looking for a systems engineer with senior or VP-level experience to build a new stack while maintaining some legacy infrastructure. Our ideal candidate wants to be hands-on, has the flexibility to work on many types of projects, and has an interest in fintech and data-intensive applications that push the cutting edge. You’ll frequently need to make design decisions that require careful consideration to the trade-offs between technical elegance and business implications. Who are we? We started Databento in 2019 after spending years dealing with dozens of slow, expensive data vendors. Since then, we raised $7.5 million in seed funding and have over 2000 companies signed up before launch. We provide full health and dental benefits, 401(k) matching, visa sponsorships, and support both remote and on-site work opportunities.

What you'll be doing:

    • Deploying and maintaining a high-availability environment consisting of servers distributed across multiple data centers worldwide.
    • Maintaining bare metal and cloud-based Linux clusters with petabytes of storage and 10/40/100G networking.
    • Managing and troubleshooting Linux systems configurations.
    • Optimizing performance of servers and networks.
    • Coordinating with vendors and remote hands.

Here are the required competencies for the role:

    • Bachelor's degree and/or at least 4 years experience working with Linux servers.
    • Shell scripting in a Linux environment.
    • Network administration (OSI layers 2-4, IP routing with OSPF and BGP, switching, multicast, load balancing, bonding, packet processing, SSL/IPsec VPNs).
    • Configuration and provisioning tools (Saltstack, Puppet, Ansible, Foreman, Terraform).
    • Experience in racking and cabling bare metal servers.
    • Can accommodate frequent travel to data centers in MA and NJ.

Our preferred candidate is also qualified in some of the following areas:

    • Enterprise storage and file systems (NFS, ZFS, Ceph, GlusterFS, Weka).
    • HA database administration (MySQL, Clickhouse).
    • Containerized application deployment (k8s, Docker).
    • Hybrid cloud deployments with auto-scaling (AWS).
    • Performance analysis and monitoring tools (tcpdump, iostat, strace, Prometheus).
    • High-availability server and network architectures (redundancy, failover, replication, recovery).
    • Source automation, build and continuous integration tools (GitLab CI).
    • Low latency equipment and network adapters (Xilinx, Arista, Solarflare).
    • Line rate capture of raw multicast feeds from exchanges.
    • Experience coordinating with data centers and network providers (Equinix, Telia, NTT, Level 3).
    • Prior work experience at a buy-side trading firm.