Old Dominion University

Norfolk, VA

Web Team Lead

$80,000-$90,000 / YEAR

Web Team Lead Ad

Old Dominion University’s Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is seeking a Web Team Lead. If you enjoy the challenge of leading a team of programmers to handle the development and implementation of mid- to large-tier web applications, along with a freedom to select the strategies and methodologies incorporated into those solutions, then working with us might be what you’ve been searching for. In addition, you’ll also find that our benefits packages are some of the best available, and you’ll earn the opportunity to pursue university coursework, with an overall less stressful work environment allowing you to find a better balance between life and work.

We seek candidates who have considerable experience in leading a team on the completion and maintenance of software development projects. The candidates do not have to be strong developers themselves, but it’s expected that they bring a high level of knowledge regarding the various types of programming solutions that can be utilized when tackling difficult projects. Candidates should be highly capable in analyzing project requirements and determining the appropriate tasks to be delegated to team members in order to keep a project progressing towards completion.

If you feel that ODU’s CLT may be a good fit and a refreshing change in the right direction for you, head over to the ODU website to begin our official application process.