Versus Systems

Versus Systems

United States

Mobile App Developer (Android)

$125,000-$155,000 / YEAR


Versus Systems is looking for a Mobile Developer to focus upon our Android SDKs. You’ll work with our content partners to build, integrate, and customize our product suite into their platforms, facilitating our ability to offer unique experiences to their users. Engaging with entertainment content for real rewards is changing engagement - and you’ll help us do it.

We're a fast-growing team with a strong engineering culture. We value collaboration and creativity. Every engineer contributes to the overall development process, product design, and roadmap of the company.

Did we mention we have a Kickass MAME Cabinent awaiting our post-COVID return to the office?


You will be an expert in our technology and a go-to resource for internal teams and Versus’ partners. You’ll assist external development teams with integrating our the Versus experience directly into their content. As an engineer working on custom integrations you will help define the future vision for developer focused tools, SDKs, libraries, and/or plugins to integrate Versus in to the games of our partners.

We recognize the skills we require are across a variety of ecosystems. It should be noted that we don’t expect you to be a master of them all. We want to hear from you if you are either heavily weighted in one with some experience in the others, or the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife - proficient in a number of them, yet master of none.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who gets excited about being on the bleeding edge of prize-based gaming. Your work will help our partners leverage Versus to maximize player engagement and make their games more fun.


  • Strong programming, architecture, and development skills
  • A strong understanding of asynchronous and event based programming
  • Significant Kotlin experience
  • Proficiency with RxJava2 and/or Kotlin Coroutines
  • 3+ Years experience consuming API (Extra Credit if you've built some as well)
    • Modeling data using specs as guidance.
    • Building out new consumers and wrappers around API.
    • Ability to provide guidance / feedback on API design.
  • An excitement to help, teach, and mentor those around you
  • Great communication and team-work skills.
  • Experience collaborating with other developers via version control and bug tracking


  • Experience with Jetpack Compose
  • AndroidX LifeCycle + Navigation (Android)
  • Experience with CircleCI or some other Continuous Integration provider.
  • Experience with multiple programming languages, especially Java, Objective C#, Elixir, Ruby
  • Experience with SwiftUI


  • Competitive compensation and equity packages
  • Healthcare and benefits
  • Unlimited paid vacation that people actually take - we promise
  • Generous maternity & paternity leave
  • Flexible work day schedule - currently remote for COVID
  • Matched 401k