Magna International

Magna International

Brampton, ON

Program Manager

Group Description

Cosma provides a comprehensive range of body, chassis and engineering solutions to global customers. Through our robust product engineering, outstanding tooling capabilities and diverse process expertise, we continue to bring lightweight and innovative products to market.

Role Summary

This position is for Massiv Die-Form, a division of Cosma International.

Cosma International, an operating unit of Magna International, is one of the world‘s premier global automotive suppliers providing a comprehensive range of body, chassis, and engineering solutions to our customers. Our pioneering technology and creativity allows our customers to ask for solutions that lie beyond what they previously thought was possible.

Massiv Die-Form, a division of Magna International, designs and builds medium to large cast automotive and hot stamping dies. Massiv Die-Form is proudly committed to manufacture products of the highest quality, reliability, maintainability and durability for the global automotive market through skilled and dedicated people focused on total customer satisfaction, ongoing protection of the environment and the profitable well being of our company.

Key Responsibilities

•    Host kick-off meetings, FEA, Process, Design with cross functional team using Webex or in person
•    Obtain signed off by the customer, for Static / Dynamic issues prior to die shipments 
•    Prepare Die Change Reports ( DCR’s ) according to the procedure and requirements 
•    Creating Overlays, Updating Parts History, Archiving of old jobs folders, PM tasking, Pattern buy off approvals
•    DIRT forms, part shipments, packaging requirements
•    Generating SMIRT models and SMIRT BOMS
•    Generating and Maintaining QEP, Customer Timelines, APQP Timing, Massiv Cadence document and any other timing related documents
•    Get quotes and Issue Purchase orders for any work required outside of Massiv Die Form
•    Prepare all PAR Documents ( Part Acceptance Review )
•    Maintain Open issues Matrix for each program, Program Milestone tracker, Lessons Learned
•    Creation of prelim 2D processes, and 3D process Studies
•    Host Die Design reviews, check die designs, release die designs for manufacturing, Pre Manufacturing Reviews, STFEMA, Soft tool, black Paint reviews
•    Participate in Contract reviews, Quality Analysis Review ( QAR ) Scope of Work Review ( SOW ) Home line Integration review
•    Host E review process and any other FEA reviews required in person or by Webex
•    Participate, Lead or initiate Root Cause / 8D / QABs / Customer incidents reports processes
•    Oversea any assembly processes when we are working with MAS as the assembly integrator
•    Assist in successful launch and execution of multiple tooling programs simultaneously – timing, quality, cost
•    Ensuring that the delivery of all Products is to the appropriate levels of quality, engineering level, on time and within budget, in accordance with the program Master Time Line.
•    Ensure that all program Milestones and Key Dates is communicated well in advance to all internal groups.
•     “Cradle to Grave” program support is expected including Home Line commissioning continuous and effective communication with Customer is expected, in an effort to ensure Press Time is scheduled efficiently to support Program Master Time Line.
•    Deeply involved with the FEA springback Studies
•    Ensure that information is correlated between actual try out and upfront Engineering
•    Understanding and participating in GD& T reviews for Stamping and Assembly
•    Assisting the Sales Team in quoting Engineering Changes, new Programs initiatives, Die construction sourcing 
•    Participating in overseas Construction Sources
•    Assisting the home line Commissioning team, Launch team, Secondary try out team members
•    Assisting in the quality Department and Fixture build process
•    Outsource FEA & Design Companies

Key Qualifications/Requirements

•    Post-secondary training in Tool & Die or Mechanical Engineering with minimum 2 years relevant work experience in Stamping Die Industry.  
•    Finance basics – RFQ, Quotation, Requisition, LOI, PO, Invoice Milestones, VAVE, Basic Financial reports, understand cost impacts at a business level.
•    Basic CATIA, SPINFIRE, SMIRT, UniGraphics, CAD – able to use and understand.
•    Use of WEBEX, Conference Calling, SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Project.
•    FMEA, APQP, PPAP, SPC, GD&T, knowledgeable in any other customer specific buy-off requirements. 
•    FLD & Simulation Knowledge.
•    GD&T, CMM/white light dimensional report interpretation.
•    Quotation, Customer Focus, Design Planning Procedures (QOS), or any other ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 training as prescribed through the QEMS (see matrixes).
•    Soft Skills – communication, organization, team work, punctuality, critical thinking, willing to learn.
•    Comfortable giving technical presentations or hosting meetings/conferences.
•    Interest in Continuous Improvement Suggestion Program.

Additional Information

Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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