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Tokyo, JP

Risk Engineer

About Paidy Inc.

Paidy was founded with the mission to create a world of “We remove the barriers, embrace simplicity”, offering its real-time monthly consolidated credit service all across Japan.

Paidy started Japan’s first instant post-pay credit service for ecommerce consumers in October 2014. Paidy requires no pre-registration or credit card to use; Paidy consumers purchase products online using only a mobile phone number and email address (verification is established through a four-digit code via SMS or voice pin-code) and settle a single monthly bill for all their purchases, either at a convenience store, by bank transfer or auto debit. Paidy also supports multi-pay installments and subscriptions.

There are currently over 4,600,000 Paidy accounts in use (Jan 2021). Paidy has proved a powerful means of persuading first time buyers to transact online. Its proprietary models and machine learning mean that transactions are underwritten in seconds, with guaranteed payment to merchants.

Paidy increases merchant revenues by reducing incomplete transactions, increasing conversion rates, boosting average order values, and facilitating easy repeat buying. For more information visit http://www.paidy.com.

Position Overview, Your Duties & Responsibilities:

We are looking for passionate, innovative and dedicated software engineers who are ready to make an impact by accelerating growth in the number of Paidy users over the upcoming months. Showcase your entrepreneurial spirit!

You will be responsible for developing and scaling our risk engine while meeting the highest standards in terms of security, maintainability and resilience to failure. You will work closely with our data scientists to align software delivery with business goals. With the help of your team members, you will come up with software design tradeoffs and communicate them clearly to other engineers as well as the risk department members to implement mutually agreed-upon solutions. You may also have the opportunity to work cross functionally in feature teams to deliver product features and services. In addition to regular deliverables expected of the engineering team, you are expected to follow and stay current with industry best practices -- such as writing automated tests and taking part in regular code reviews to ensure quality code at its highest possible standards. We look forward to meeting you!

Qualifications/Must Have:

? Knowledge of one or more high-level statically-typed languages (i.e. Scala, java, Haskell, Kotlin, Rust, C++, OCaml, C#, F#, etc), plus an interest in Functional Programming

? Knowledge of Git

? Quality code and testing: Legibly-written code that is easily understood by others

? Approaches debugging with a systematic approach

? Understands automated testing with a curiosity to suggest performance improvements

? Ability to understand code independently and make intelligent inferences to code in the broader context

? Understanding of software architecture and design with the ability to align the overall service architecture

? Basic understanding of security measures and how they may implicate the wider system

? Comfortable with knowledge sharing, working in a team and building relationships

? Shows interest in the organization’s engineering strategy, product development strategy and how that aligns to the overall business strategy

? Ability to define task outlines and deliverables

? Demonstrates a sense of urgency when required

? Ability to manage some ambiguity and exercises good judgement when needed

? Ability to give and receive constructive feedback tactfully upstream and downstream

? Highly proficient in both spoken and written English

? Entrepreneurial spirit and eager to learn how to grow the business!

? Paidy team will ask about your user experiences with Paidy Apps during the interview. Please download Paidy App and try it out!

- iOS: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/paidy/id1220373112

- Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paidy.paidy&hl=en&gl=US

For those who are not able to download Paidy App, due to the regional restrictions, please be advised that you download the similar App, such as Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm and so forth, and come up with your opinions on these applications and services.

? Please note that you must be eligible to work in Japan.

Good to have:

Preferably relevant experience in technologies and concepts that we use at Paidy:

? Scala, Python, Cassandra, Kafka, Postgres, Functional Programming, REST API, microservices architecture, JSON, Avro, CI/CD, AWS, Fargate, Terraform, Git, Data streaming, ElasticSearch, Redis, Event Sourcing, unit/functional testing, cats, cats-effect, tagless final, CQRS, event sourcing.

? Understands cross-team interdependencies and work streams

? Ability to envision delivery roadmap and articulates this clearly for others to follow

? Builds relationships with stakeholders throughout the organization

? Understands product opportunities, differentiators and competition

? Knowledge of cloud computing platforms such as AWS

? Experience building distributed systems

? Experience working on a payment platform or other fintech field

? For senior engineers, demonstrates technical leadership and mentorship to junior engineers

? Working knowledge of Japanese

Paidy Values:

Candidates must be able to demonstrate affinity with the Paidy core values:

Be a winner ???????

? Beat expectations ???????????????

? Display surprising speed ???????????

? Embrace risk ?????????

Own it and deliver ?????

? Commit to what, when and how to deliver ?????????????? ????????

? Own the actions to deliver ?????????????????

? Embrace conflict when needed to deliver results ?????????? ?????

Play an integral role ?????????

? Make an irreplaceable contribution to our business ????????? ?????????

? Embrace and bridge differences in language and culture ????? ??????????

? Raise the bar ?????????????