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Engineering Manager, Creative Services

Your Opportunity

We’re looking for an Engineering Manager to support our Creative Services teams. This person will work closely with engineers, product managers, designers, and stakeholders to create services that drive our creator marketplace and scalable creative production workflows. VidMob’s Creative Services streamline every aspect of the creative production process, managing assets, drafts, and stakeholder feedback from the brief through to publication.

We are building the services to enable best-in-class creative production for the largest marketers in the world. These teams have important strategic goals with vital business impact and lots of implementation autonomy to tell us how to get there. The current stack for Intelligent Creative has helped us scale quickly over the last 6 years, but is ready for modernization. This role will help teams navigate the path to a more robust, maintainable, and decoupled stack, thereby improving flexibility and velocity in bringing solutions to market.

VidMob's engineering team will remain partially distributed post COVID-19, with synchronized quarterly visits to our Pittsfield, MA or NYC offices.

This role will be primarily a people manager role, while also staying close to project details and occasionally contributing directly. You will be a great fit for this role if you have experience as a full stack engineer yourself, have managed engineers before, and are eager to support teams of great people that do amazing work and are critically important to VidMob’s future.

You will be directly responsible for

  • Managing, supporting, and growing the Creative Services teams.
  • Delivering best-in-class Creative Services.
  • Becoming familiar with today’s microservice/serverless landscape and learning our own stack, in order to review code, guide architecture decisions, and occasionally contribute yourself.
  • Working closely with team members and product leadership to establish the long term vision, create an executable roadmap, and remove barriers to success.
  • Integrating product, design, and engineering goals to strike the right balance between new product features and long term system health.
  • Representing Intelligent Creative team needs within the Engineering management team.
  • Demonstrating and protecting VidMob values within the team.

You will fit in great on our engineering leadership team if you:

  • Enjoy enabling customers and learning quickly from feedback, even when it means making decisions amid uncertainty.
  • Appreciate the constraints of running a high growth business
  • Care deeply about fostering an environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences can flourish
  • Are sufficiently hands on and aware to fully understand and represent your team’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Are driven and goal-oriented, but are comfortable to let outcomes speak for themselves.
  • Think in tradeoffs, and work to understand the costs and impact of decisions you make before you make them.

We’re looking for a history of:

  • Excellence in managing, building, and hiring teams.
  • High product output relative to the size of the teams you’ve managed.
  • Enabling and empowering your team to execute successfully with minimal day-to-day involvement on your part, but having the awareness and ability to dive into the code when called for.
  • Building consensus among stakeholders, and resolving disagreements without sacrificing trust.
  • Understanding and empathy for the needs of engineers, the needs of customers, and the needs of the business. You are not an advocate for one of these; you are an advocate for all of them and must exercise judgment accordingly.
  • Improving your team’s diversity and inclusivity, independent of whether you have formally been in a position to make hiring decisions.
  • Changing processes in ways that lead to measurable improvements in outcomes.
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Working with a distributed team