Principal Engineer/Architect

$160,000-$180,000 / YEAR

Driven to make software that makes a difference? Inspired to build systems that improve the patient and provider experience? You've come to the right place - our healthcare team is growing, and we need you!


  • Provide Leadership: You'll lead an agile technical project. Whether it's our solutions and their value for our customers and their missions, our people through professional growth, or our processes to make our teams more effective, you’ll drive a culture of improvement on our healthcare team. In this role, you'll be working with a team of junior-mid-level technical staff. You'll provide mentorship, help others when they are struggling, provide support and feedback, and develop and grow others around you.
  • Be a Customer Liaison: This position will interact heavily with our customers and earn their trust. Ideally, you will become a trusted advisor for our customers and stakeholders to help them discover, shape, and understand their needs and priorities.
  • Provide Technical Expertise/Project Management: In this senior role, you will design and architect complex technical solutions to solve our customers' problems, while mitigating potential risks and problems. As a subject matter expert, you will analyze and adapt new technologies to difficult technical challenges, and keep up to date on new technology trends and open source projects that can be applied to our customers’ problems. You'll help us deliver timely solutions by maintaining the product roadmap, release schedules and architectural standards that ensure alignment with business objectives.
  • Help with Business Development: While this is not a Business Development role, you will help us grow our healthcare practice organically by developing and furthering business relationships with our current customers. You'll also participate in brainstorm and design sessions for capture efforts, and assist with proposal efforts by providing well-defined and scoped technical inputs, helping to shape outlines and narratives. You'll also maintain a list of customer POCs and the challenges they’ve overcome with our offerings, and make connections between customers to increase engagement and customer success.


  • You’ve got a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a relevant field.
  • You have 10-12 years experience with end-to-end architecture for large designs, plus software development experience in one or more programming languages.
  • You have demonstrated expertise in building Web Applications, Enterprise Applications, Web Services, and Management at scale, plus strong knowledge of datastores and ability to make choices among available technology based on requirements. At Asymmetrik, we use technologies such as, Node.js, Go, Scala, Apache Spark, Elastic Stack, AWS, MongoDB, Apache NiFi, and Ansible.
  • You have excellent social and communication skills and know how to tailor your communication style based on audience (technical, non-technical, executives, etc). You’ll be using your skills to help our customers discover, analyze, understand, and refine their requirements, success criteria, priorities, risks, and issues.
  • You make data driven decisions, and can identify and demonstrate the right tools at every stage of software development to ensure code and architectural qualities are not compromised.
  • You’ve got excellent time management skills and are able to prioritize and handle work in a dynamic environment and develop new approaches to complex design problems, while adhering to critical project timelines.
  • You are a U.S. Citizen willing to go through processing to obtain a security clearance.
Asymmetrik Ltd. is proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.