Berlin, DE

Developer Relations Engineer (f/x/m)

We are building a cutting-edge cloud experience for engineers on top of AWS. We run multiple teams developing an integrated suite of products, enabling a seamless experience developing, deploying and operating software at Scout24. These products include container platforms, deployment infrastructure, CI/CD servers, tooling for feature toggles, monitoring and more. As Platform Engineer, you build and run these products and help other teams succeed by applying them.

What we need from you:

  • Develop state-of-the art tools and services around containers, CI/CD, deployment, monitoring and more
  • Drive the company wide adoption of the cloud platform products of your team
  • Act as tutor for cloud technologies for other engineering teams
  • Solve hard problems in a distributed system serving millions of customers
  • Apply product development thinking when developing the tools and services of your team
  • Share your knowledge in blog posts and at meetups and conferences

What we need you to bring: 

  • In-depth knowledge of cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform) and their services and APIs
  • Confident presentation and strong influence skills - able to adapt level and style to the audience
  • Strong working knowledge with Docker and Linux
  • Proficiency in modern programming languages - preferably Golang, Kotlin, Typescript or Python
  • Passion for API design and clean code
  • Experience applying TDD and Continuous Integration & Delivery