Founding Head of Engineering

Company Background

Here’s the problem: you can’t learn to ride a bike by watching someone else ride a bike. Yet this is how all online learning at companies has been built to date - watching someone else do. It's boring. It's ineffective. At Modal, we're on a mission to reimagine how people learn. We’re building something hands-on and immersive that employees love - a learning experience that feels like the best products they use in their personal lives. One that will transform their abilities and, in turn, transform the organizations they serve.

We know this market because we spent the last decade building one of the largest ed tech businesses in the world. Modal, our new business, will build a new kind of learning experience based on active learning and practice and will target the enterprise. We know the gaps in the market, the reference customers and their needs, and the core product pillars that will change how people learn. What we need most right now is a technical and people leader.

Role Scope

Lead the first build. This is about building from 0→1, and you’re drawn to that challenge. As we move from prototype to our production product, you will be leading the team and also spending half your time writing production code. We know this is ambitious, and you're someone who is inspired by and fascinated with the challenge.

Hire a great team. We believe team wins. We have a strong core engineering team, and will ask you to set the standards in building out the team with incredible talent that’s ready to do great things.

Set the technical standards and pace. There are a million ‘first’ questions you’ll need to drive to decision. From tech stack to how we coding practices, you will establish the patterns that will drive the product for years to come.

Be an owner: In every sense of the word. If you don’t know it, you’ll go out and learn it. If it’s not your job, you’ll get it done.

About You

You’ve been a software engineer for 8+ years, and have served as tech lead or engineering manager. If you manage others, you still code yourself. You take pride in your ability to extend from IC to leader and back again.

You’re inexorably drawn to the challenge of the first product build. You know that seed stage companies typically face market risk, product execution risk, financial risk, and go to market risk. Modal appeals to you because product risk is the last remaining piece, and you’re happy to bet on yourself.

You’re mission driven. Even if it hasn’t come out in previous roles, you think technology can be a force for good and progress in this world and you can build a great company in the interim. You want to do something that matters.

You believe in team and culture. You’ve seen first hand what a strong culture and close knit team can accomplish, and you want to create this dynamic across an entire company.

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