Grassroots Technologies, Inc

Grassroots Technologies, Inc

Architect/Engineer - WorldWide Development Support & GraphQL

$120,000-$216,000 / YEAR

GRT is carefully searching for new Systems/DevOps candidates for a high profile, global commerce engagement with Walmart, Inc. to help support critical GraphQL and traffic throttling initiatives for this holiday season. This is a mix of support and debugging help for internal Walmart developers, and building tooling to make these products easier to support.

Traffic Foundation is a group inside Walmart Labs that builds smart networking infrastructure to make web sites faster and more reliable. The Edge Solutions Engineering team (ESE) is a team inside the Traffic Foundation group. ESE handles customer success, solutions engineering, and very high-level technical support for users of the Traffic Foundation platform. Traffic Foundation improves the performance and reliability of websites at Walmart, and ESE is essential to making that easy and reliable for our users.

ESE helps internal Walmart customers (developers and operations teams) use the Traffic Foundation platform through education, technical support, architecture consultation, debugging, and lots of kind communication. ESE is composed of ~6 software engineers and solutions architects working on the front lines with our customers. ESE helps customers get the most out of Traffic Foundation.

Traffic Foundation is fully remote, with more than 100 people distributed all over the world. We collaborate heavily through chat (Slack), video conferences (Zoom), and the written word. We value safety, impact, ownership, and learning.

A staff software engineer on ESE solves our most complex customer issues, builds tooling and software to help ESE and our customers avoid problems and scale to meet increasing demand, and creates and communicates best practices for architecting applications and using Traffic Foundation products. The ESE team is dealing with a large influx of customers, and current processes require too much manual labor. Helping the team be more efficient with automation is a major part of this role and is essential to scale ESE to handle the demand.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Work with the engineering manager to identify areas of high leverage where ESE can build tooling to solve problems.
  • Lead development of tooling for ESE and ESE customers, including design, architecture, writing code, code review, and technical direction and feedback to other team members.
  • Meet with customers looking to use Traffic Foundation products, understand their application and architecture, and guide them through setting up their application to use the Traffic Foundation platform.
  • Handle tricky high-level debugging and support tickets that have been escalated to ESE.
  • Work with engineering teams building products in Traffic Foundation to understand Traffic Foundation products and create training for our customers on them.
  • Share customer feedback with Traffic Foundation engineering teams to influence product direction.
  • Help respond to and resolve production incidents related to our products or customers using our products.

Minimum Qualifications

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Communicating with customers, other teams, and your team mates is a major part of the job. Explaining tricky technical concepts and understanding
  • You have five or more years of professional software development experience. You'll be writing code and reading code, so you should be good at it!
  • You have a deep understanding of networking, HTTP, and web application architecture. A big part of the job is quickly understanding and debugging an unfamiliar customer application passing through Traffic Foundation products by examining HTTP requests, packet captures, architecture diagrams, etc.
  • You understand cloud architecture and scalable web applications - CDNs, load balancing, high availability, etc. Walmart operates at a large scale, and Traffic Foundation products and customer applications built on them need to work reliably at that scale.
  • You are an effective remote worker. Since this is a remote role on a remote team, it might not be a good fit for someone who isn't sure they enjoy remote work and doesn't have remote work skills already.
  • You have some experience in customer success, help desk, technical support, solutions engineering, sales engineering, or other technical customer-facing roles.
  • You learn new skills, and help your team develop new skills.

Additional Preferred Qualifications - Any of the Following

  • Sysadmin, operations or devops experience
  • Linux experience
  • Azure and GCP experience
  • Experience with incident response, including being on call
  • Golang experience
  • GraphQL experience