Ciber Global, LLC

Ciber Global, LLC

United States

DevOps Systems Engineer AWS Terraform

Hey you! I'm looking for a DevOps System Engineer to join our team to work in Orlando, FL. (Hopefully in the near future onsite in Orlando, FL!)

What am I looking for? Skills listed from the highest to least desired:

From high to low importance: AWS Cloud (Fargate, ECS, EC2, S3, ALB/ELB, etc) Terraform/Atlantis - module based Chef F5 Cloud Trails/Cloud Trace Go/Python/Bash Vault Jenkins/CICD Rundeck Google Cloud Platform App Engine Kubernetes Helm/Tiller Monitoring/Alerting/Splunk PubSub Git(hub|lab) IP Networking (including Firewalls, routing, Proxy, load balancers, etc).