Englewood, CO

Sr. Software Engineer, Data Products/Engineering

Senior Software Engineer

The STARZ Data Products & Engineering team is seeking a software engineer who’s passionate about drawing a thin line from data to insight and exposing that insight to internal users to support important business decisions. You’ll be building applications that give internal users insight into what audiences to target, how original and licensed content is likely to perform in the Starz ecosystem and beyond, and helping us to integrate disparate signals into a clear picture of where the organization is at and where we can go. We’re building out a system of experimentation so teams can use that picture to form hypotheses, test them, and easily see the results.

Our users range from extremely technical (providing us with models to run, and wanting tables or files in return) to less technical (providing inputs via a UI or spreadsheet and expecting results displayed in-line or in a report). As part of our work to enable the organization to make decisions with data, we’re building out a data processing framework for use by internal analyst teams that lets them harness the power of the data engineering technology we build, while also providing a clear, understandable UI and getting out of their way. This is an opportunity to exercise your technical skills with a highly skilled team from a variety of diverse backgrounds while helping every aspect of our business to be more efficient and more data-driven.


  • Work with product and stakeholder teams to identify ways to improve their workflows and own improving those workflows through problem discovery, solution design, feature implementation, user testing, and iterative feature improvement
  • Design interfaces that allow users to easily understand complex relationships, visualize trends, and explore forecasted scenarios
  • Build analytics tools that provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, retention, behavior and other key business performance metrics
  • Work with data engineers, data scientists, and other development teams to deliver data driven applications with high availability, low latency, and high scalability utilizing microservice, serverless, and event-driven architectures
  • Continue to build out our data processing framework, and expand it to support less and less technical users through a simple, understandable interface
  • Employ a variety of languages, tools and techniques to marry systems and the data generated from those systems together to maximize the strategic value of the data
  • Recommend and implement ways to improve/ensure data reliability, efficiency, and quality
  • Identify, design and implement internal process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data-driven decision making, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, etc.
  • Be prepared to translate findings to key stakeholders
  • Work in a heavily collaborative environment, taking on a variety of roles when necessary with a positive attitude.

Education / Work Experience Requirements

  • 4+ years working directly as a member of a technical team, preferably developing/supporting/innovating for a consumer-facing analytics product.

Required Skills

  • Languages (preferred): Typescript / Javascript, Python, SQL, C#
  • Front-end Frameworks: React, Angular (nice to have)
  • Orchestration: AWS EC2/ECS/Lambda/Step Functions/EKS/EMR, Kubernetes, docker, CloudFormation, CDK
  • Database Systems (nice to have): Snowflake, Aurora, DynamoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
  • Data Processing (nice to have): Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Kinesis, Pandas, Airflow