Osso VR

Osso VR

United States

Senior VR Programmer (Remote Only, US)

We are looking for a candidate with extensive programming experience to work on our collaborative VR surgical training platform. Our VR training includes simulating interactions with bones such as drilling, sawing and hammering; soft tissue interactions such as making incisions; manipulating limbs and joints; interacting with surgical robots; manipulating C-arms; assembling complex medical instruments and operating medical equipment with screen based UIs and physical switches and buttons. All of this has to run with collaborative (multi-player) support with good performance on Oculus Quest 2.

Our goal is to make these types of VR interaction feel natural and represent key features of reality in a way that allows for effective learning and skill transfer. This includes simulating precision skills and allowing for success or failure in a way that contributes to learning objectives. These interactions should also be built to be easily reusable to add to our existing library of interactions and used across many pieces of content.

You will work closely with our team of medical illustrators and subject matter experts to ensure that these interactions accurately represent the real surgical techniques and effectively teach essential surgical knowledge. You will also collaborate with our content creators to develop tooling and workflows to allow them to easily reuse interactions without programmer support; and with our art specialists to ensure that the interactions reach the visual fidelity bar we are aiming for while reaching performance goals on target hardware, primarily the Oculus Quest 2.


  • 5+ years professional game development experience, primarily in a programming role.
  • Experience with C# in Unity.
  • Able to take on complex tasks with high level requirements and flesh out the details to deliver production ready systems.
  • Comfortable working on a fully remote team.
  • Able to spend significant time in VR headsets without discomfort.
  • Willingness to review sometimes graphic surgical videos when researching a surgical technique.

Bonus Points for experience with:

  • VR development.
  • Oculus Quest development.
  • General Android 3D game development.
  • Animation programming.
  • Gameplay programming.
  • Performance optimization for GPU and CPU.
  • Art tools and pipelines.
  • Multiplayer / networking experience.
  • Experience with complex realtime physics simulation.