Rhino Media

Rhino Media

Nashville, TN

Full Time Retail Sales Associate

$38,125-$55,750 / YEAR

Rhino Media Inc. has recently acquired several new clients and is in the process of expanding to new locations surrounding the Nashville area. With our recent acquisition, we are looking to fill 3 entry-level advertising and sales executive positions within our firm in order to help with brand awareness, product launches to the consumer market, as well as handling new customer acquisition.

We are looking to cross-train these individuals to handle multiple marketing campaigns and promotions as well as move into upper-level management after learning our branding and campaign management strategies from the ground up. This person will be working in a retail setting full time, as well as helping in the office with all new clients and promotional materials. All positions are an hourly paid role with the opportunity for weekly bonuses.



  • Marketing and sales presentations

  • Building and maintaining a strong relationship with clients

  • Campaign management and development

  • Use of marketing and sales techniques

  • Customer service to your clients

  • Sales consulting and nationwide networking

  • Entry-level management and entrepreneurship training

  • Public Relations

  • Brand management maintenance

  • Leadership mentoring

Job Requirements


  • College degree or related experience preferred

  • Professionalism in dealing with existing business and personal accounts

  • Self-motivated, positive attitude

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Goal-driven and competitive nature

  • Energetic personality

  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment

  • Superb communication skills



  • Career growth

  • Team building

  • Executive coaching

  • National rankings

  • Travel and networking opportunities

  • Relocation opportunities

  • Professional and personal development

  • Management training and mentorship