Berlin, DE

Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d)

Sebastian, Team Lead, says: "Team Red is a cross-functional team owning the DC Analytics platform, which not only powers our internal agency business but also is actively used by customers worldwide. We are a driven team which enjoys a good round of Mario Kart once in a while."

You will be working in: 

English (fluency required) - as we are an international team, this is our team (and company) language.

Our tech stack: 

We have a diverse tech stack and make use of a lot of AWS services like ECS, EMR, Lambda, Cloudfront, etc. Our servers are powered by Ubuntu Linux and we make use of containerisation whenever useful.

Languages we currently use are: Scala, Python, Javascript, PHP

How you will make an impact: 

  • You are designing, developing, deploying, operating & improving our tracking and analysis technology for TV campaigns.
  • You take ownership for the whole development cycle, from architecture design to testing to implementation & maintenance.
  • You and your team own your code, and decide on technologies and tools as well. You operate on distributed data processing architectures.

Skills you will need to be successful: 

  • You are proficient in a functional and at least one other programming language
  • You have a deep understanding of RDBMS as well as NoSQL solutions.
  • You have experience in building distributed data processing architectures.
  • You have experience with AWS cloud services and stream-processing systems.
  • You bring with you a passion for simple, pragmatic, and robust system design.
  • You write clean, modular and testable code accompanied with proper, meaningful tests.
  • You have gained experience in operating and monitoring production environments.