Berlin, DE

Senior Systems Engineer (m/f/d)

Sebastian, Team Lead, says: "Team Red is a cross functional team owning the DC Analytics platform, which not only powers our internal agency business but also is actively used by customers worldwide. We are a driven team which enjoys a good round of Mario Kart once in a while."

You will be working in: 

English (fluency required) - as we are an international team, this is our team (and company) language.

Our tech stack: 

We have a diverse tech stack and make use of a lot of AWS managed services like ECS, EMR, Lambda, Cloudfront, etc. Our servers are powered by Ubuntu Linux and we make use of containerisation whenever useful.

Languages we currently use are: Scala, Python, Javascript, PHP

Infrastructure as code tools: Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Terragrunt, Docker

CI/CD: Jenkins as code

How you will make an impact:

  • You will be part of an amazing cross-functional team and responsible for the marketing attribution and campaign platform
  • You will be involved in the full product lifecycle of all our applications, starting from the initial idea, planning, building, deployment and maintenance
  • We live and breath DevOps culture - engineers own their pipeline from planning to running in production. You’d support and supply the right tools to enable our engineers to create, deploy and monitor their applications in a secure and fast way
  • You will take part in company wide initiatives to bring engineering standards to the next level

Skills you will need to be successful: 

  • We appreciate a relevant degree and/or relevant work experience that have provided you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed
  • You have solid cloud experience, preferably with AWS
  • You know how to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your systems
  • You love to automate as many things as possible
  • You have a solid understanding of containerisation and virtualisation
  • You have a healthy relationship with scripting languages like Python and Bash
  • You are a team player