United States

Full-Stack Software Engineer

$125,000-$175,000 / YEAR

The Age of Privacy requires a new standard of transparency.

Due to stringent and changing privacy regulations, organizations face uncertainty and regulatory challenges. Company’s business systems were not designed to be compliant.

We’re building a company and team to solve this problem. We’ve raised $9.2M and are built and backed by executives and founders at DocuSign, MuleSoft, Twilio, Cloudera, Oracle,, HP Labs, Facebook and Quantcast.

We live by our values:

  • Be transparent
  • Build trust
  • Be bold
  • Make each other better
  • Learn from failure

Join our team and shape the new standard of transparency.

You’ll Own

As a full-stack software engineer, you’ll build and own DataGrail’s core products. These systems build trust for our customers and keep them compliant with the law.

We’re built on Rails, React, Postgres, and AWS and integrate with hundreds of diverse SaaS and IT systems. You don't need to know these exact technologies (we ?? Pythonistas and Gophers too). And you don't have to be an expert in all these areas (no one is). But prepare to shine in something.

You’ll solve customers’ problems at scale no matter where the work exists in the stack.

?‍? You’ll Improve

Our engineers take a broad view of what to improve in how we build products.

DataGrail is The decisions we make today may not make sense in two years. The best engineers pivot from problems to solutions though. You’ll help the team make appropriate tradeoffs. You’re comfortable with good enough over perfect.

You might focus on reinforcing our security posture. As a privacy company, we are serious about security.

You may help us improve our tools and workflows for getting code into customer hands faster.

Or you could work with Customer Success to give new customers the tools to be successful faster. We’re fanatical about customer experience and sweat the details (include “Alan Turing” in your resume or cover letter).

? You’ll Teach

Software engineering is a team sport. You’ll bring others along and join them on the journey.

Do you have a great tip for debugging via your IDE that saves you tons of time? We want to see it on Slack or Notion.

Did you present at a conference on what you learned scaling another system by 100x? Give the talk as a lunch and learn.

We’re hiring you for all the past lessons building software that you’ve internalized. Yes,, especially the mistakes you’ve made.

? You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to scale a business, an organization, and a product. We’re building an enduring organization.

Understand the privacy landscape today and build on its frontier in real time.