Two Six Labs

Two Six Labs

Arlington, VA

Lead Hardware/Software Developer

If you are the type of individual that wants to make an impact for our country by aiding in the development of customer Cyber Operations tools and researching novel solutions in order to make a direct impact on operational requirements, then you will fit right in to our CNO/OCO team. Two Six Labs is looking for developers with knowledge and familiarity with x86 & ARM OS Memory Layout and Segmentations, Process Execution Block traversal and introspection, and understanding of commercial and Gov’t Cloud & Virtualization scalability solutions. Successful candidates will join the MemOp development team and work day-to-day with mission-critical elements and guide software development of future cyber capabilities.


• Solve cutting edge cyber security problems with a talented multi-discipline group of researchers
• Develop and Maintain custom software and hardware solutions that implement research prototypes
• Transition successful R&D prototypes to customers
• Hone your skills in coding, reverse engineering, FPGA development, and program/binary analysis


Required • Top Secret clearance • C/C++ and Python software development experience (5+ years) • Familiarity with process distribution and scaling through Cloud infrastructures • FPGA and embedded system development experience (3+ years) • A fundamental understanding of computers and operating systems
• Thorough understanding of memory management concepts (Heap, Stack, Virtual Memory, MMU, Physical vs. Virtual)
• A sufficient level of comfort reading and writing assembly language (x86 and/or ARM)

Nice to Haves
• SCI Clearance
• Extensive experience reverse engineering x86/ARM binaries, embedded systems, or malware