Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly

Horsham, GB

UI Programmers – New IP

Creative Assembly’s award-winning team behind Alien: Isolation are exploring new frontiers with a brand-new and exciting First-Person Shooter IP.

This is a great opportunity for talented programmers to join our console development team making cutting edge technology at our games studio based in Horsham, West Sussex.

As a UI Programmer working on CA’s exciting new IP FPS, you will be uniquely situated to make substantial contributions to the game’s UI systems and features, both visually and technically.

Key Responsibilities

As a UI Programmer, you will be responsible for the technical aspects of shaping the UI throughout all the areas of the game. 

On a day-to-day basis you will:

  • Work closely with UI designers and artists to inform and support the implementation of UI features, while also brainstorming/prototyping new ideas.
  • Be very involved with other teams, from providing support to emerging gameplay features/systems, aiding them use the UI systems you have put in place, to maintaining a standard of performance and quality.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience


  • Fluent in C++
  • Experience with UE4 game development
  • Experience with UI frameworks
  • Being able to work well with other disciplines
  • Attention to detail and a passion for making quality products
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written


  • Experience with developing UI systems in UE4 using UMG
  • Experience using Slate in UE4
  • Experience of Games as a Service
  • Experience integrating with services
  • Experience working on/playing FPS games
  • Experience with one profiling tool, either Unreal’s built-in or third-party
  • Experience with replication in UE4
  • Experience with localisation
  • Good understanding of geometry/trigonometry