Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

Kowloon, HK

Senior Fullstack Engineer

$68,000-$78,000 / YEAR

We are looking for a strong engineer with a passion to fix healthcare, one of the world's biggest challenges to join us.

What problems will you solve?

As a full-stack engineer in Bowtie, you will be leading and working on producing intuitive, reliable, and sleek softwares that make insurance operations a bliss. Your projects can range from developing claims systems, improving our underwriting engine, to any other tools that make our teams' life easier and more efficient.

In case you are wondering how we are doing so far, here is a coverage on our first-of-its-kind online underwriting engine.

What technologies do we work with?

We are primarily using Python, ReactJS, Typescript (to a lesser extend), and AWS (more info over here). but we are always open to adopt different technologies/tools if they are more well-suited for the purpose and can be cost-effectively added to our current stacks.

What will you day-to-day look like?

Our engineers never work in silo. You will be working in a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment. You will be directly interacting with teammates from different departments.

While communication is crucial, we do appreciate that engineers need quiet and disturbance-free environment to be the most productive. We make arrangement to let our engineers to work-from-home since our early days and we have a flexible hours policies that let people work on their schedule as long as they can effectively collaborate with different parties.

What kind of profile are we looking for?

We value skills, experiences and cultural fit equally.

If you enjoy and have 4+ years of experience in:

  • Collaborating or leading engineering efforts to building well-engineered systems
  • Leading, planning, and executing complex technical projects from the start to finish
  • Presenting and explaining complex concepts and solutions to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Working alongside with a multidisciplinary team to work out the best solutions for different problems/requests
  • Maintaining good documentation
  • Growing the team by attracting, onboarding, and coaching new/junior engineers
  • Using best tools for the job
  • Learning - we value learning and growing together as a team. We offer education sponsorship and leaves to support you to further your skills and expertises!

And, you take pride in:

  • Building softwares that solve real problems in an efficient and future-proof manner
  • Writing code that is well-tested, easily understood and maintainable by others
  • Balancing speed and quality - we are moving fast yet we never compromise on the performance and scalability of our systems
  • Your skill in breaking down complex projects into smaller components

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