Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation

Tokyo, JP

PayPay AWS SecOps Engineer

¥6,000,000-¥12,000,000 / YEAR

PayPay is looking for a self-driven and motivated AWS SecOps(Platform
Security) Engineer to help secure our payment platform. Our
Platform/infrastructure is mainly based on AWS and GCP.
* Please note, this position is a part of our Product Security Engineer
position, but with a strong focus on AWS security management.
Tasks would include:
?Security Architecture reviews and re-design of existing AWS and GCP
? Security Architecture reviews and design of new AWS and GCP
? Design and enforce secure infrastructure deployment and deployment
?Perform Infrastructure security testing and patching to keep up with recent

security implementation and best practices.
? Evaluating and Implementing new security technologies such as
vulnerability testing, logging, monitoring and incident responses and
maintaining them.
?Working in a fast paced environment where projects and prioritization may
change frequently, security will always remain.

?Tech Stack Includes:
? IAM, VPC, KMS, EC2, CloudTrail, SecurityHub and GuardDuty
? RDS, EKS, Elasticsearch, Elasticache and others
? BigQuery, Storage & Google Analytics
?TCP Networking, SSL/TLS, Key Management Systems
?MySQL/AuroraDB, DynamoDB, ELK, Kafka, Redis, TiDB
?Terraform, Jenkins, Github Actions
?Snyk, Snort,
?PlantUML, Cloudcraft
?Slack, Zoom
?Minimum of 3 years of demostronstated, production level experience with
a few hundred+ servers doing the following:
?Initial verification, design and implementation of security in AWS using the
following AWS Services:
?IAM, VPC, KMS, EC2, CloudTrail, SecurityHub and GuardDuty
?Automated security monitoring and incident response in AWS
?IAC tools in AWS such as Terraform, Ansible
?Security implementations in Kubernetes and microservice architectures
?Linux internals and securing Linux based infrastructure
?Securing data systems such as:
? RDS (e.g. MySQL, Aurora)
? NoSQL (e.g. Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra)
? MQ (e.g. Kafka)
?Experience with git and CI/CD tools

?Python and shell scripting
?Motivated to work with the platform and infrastructure for modern system
using micro-service architecture
?JNLP Level 3 or above
Preferred Qualifications
?Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or related field
?Experience with other cloud service providers (e.g GCP)
?CVE Contributions
?Open Source tools contributions
?Published papers / blogs / articles