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Novo Nordisk A/S


Tech Lead with emerging technology background

660,000-840,000 / YEAR

Are you an experienced Tech Lead ready to transform global healthcare?

We are starting a Moonshot Factory in Novo Nordisk and we are looking for an experienced Tech Lead with startup experience to start building industry transformative healthcare concepts to influence the millions of Novo Nordisk patients around the world.

About the department
The Moonshot Factory is a new team in Novo Nordisk anchored in the Digital Incubator & Innovation unit. Our purpose is to experiment with both cutting edge research and cross domain concepts to discover areas that hold 10x potential and not just incremental improvements.
You will join a lean team of creative deep tech people who love getting their hands dirty and who are unafraid of doing things that have never been done. We thrive in ambiguity and drive impact by falling in love with problems, not solutions.

The job
As our Tech Lead you will plan and implement technology from cutting edge research domains. You should excel in creating high-impact hardware designs, code and other engineering as needed. Rapid prototyping should be second nature to you and doing things fast and dirty should feel better than engineering perfection.
Given the early stage of the team, there will be significant ambiguity but the opportunity to create considerable impact on both the team and company. This is an extremely dynamic team and requires a high level cross-functional communication, creativity, and execution.

Your main responsibilities will be:
? Lead the project technical roadmap / vision and ensure strong team progress
? Anchor the team’s technical expertise in cutting edge research areas
? Create POCs for each technical workstream, ensuring we are proving the exact technical capabilities we need to convince stakeholders.
? Implement high-performance, early-stage engineering best practices for the team given its unique role.
? Scout potential technologies and co-create transformative healthcare concepts the team can build and test.

You will need to be flexible with technology choice and be incredibly fast at learning new programming languages.

As we are often dealing with completely new domains, you will be dealing with anything from robotics to deep learning to programmable biometric sensors to deploying simple websites.

We expect you to have most of these qualifications:

  • Some degree in a hands-on STEM field such as Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science
  • Practical experience in biomechanics, mechatronics, control theory, embedded systems and ‘hands on’ electromechanical skills
  • Experience with applying machine learning systems and control algorithms such as: deep learning, human-in-the-loop, on-device learning, optimization, signal processing or time-series analysis
  • Experience with low fidelity prototyping in multiple technical domains
  • Demonstrated experience of early-stage engineering management, ideally as technical founder of at least one successful startup and/or tech lead of multiple high performing teams in emerging technology
  • Experience managing technical projects spanning across multiple teams of different disciplines, ideally including hardware, software and consumer products.
  • Strong entrepreneurial traits, especially persistence, resourcefulness and ability to work in ambiguity

For additional information, please contact Matt Dugan, +45 30 75 92 72


June 13th 2021