Dulles, VA

TS/SCI Cleared Senior Full Stack .Net Architect in Northern VA / Partial Remote

$150,000-$200,000 / YEAR

This role is for a Senior Architect with active TS/SCI clearances who is comfortable with Full Stack Web Development using .Net/C#.  This job will allow working remotely the majority of the time but will require half days on site near Dulles Airport multiple days a week.   We are also hiring on other postings for non cleared 100% remote developers, please apply to those jobs instead if you aren’t cleared at the level we require and/or aren’t available in the Dulles Airport area on a daily basis.  In general most of the work for this role will be unclassified but we need you to be able to go on site a few days a week for partial days to help make deploy code, diagnose issues and architect solutions to problems as they arise in high side test environments.  This role is very different from the typical DC system integrator job and is for highly motivated results-oriented top performers who enjoy working with extremely talented peers on a fast paced product team that is focused on delivering value to customers as quickly as possible.

What We Do

The team at MapLarge builds cutting edge products for data analytics and visualization to make the world safer, more productive, and more efficient.  The Maplarge API provides real time geospatial analytics for over 15 billion location events per day and trillions of historical events. Analysts using our geospatial visualization capability can instantly visualize and publish for data discovery and model testing on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Who We Need

Cultural Fit – While we hire all kinds of people and invent roles to fit them, there are three key traits we require of every team member that really define our team.

  1. Extremely Smart – We work on cutting edge hard problems and we need people who can both architect and code these systems at the same time while working with a highly intelligent peer group.
  2. Passionate Engineers – We need people who really love programming and exhibit the energy and creativity that comes from being fully engaged in what you do.
  3. Fun to Work With – Life is short and work should be fun.

Types of Roles

We need talented people to help add cool new features to our platform.  This role in particular is for a Senior Engineer who is comfortable with Full Stack Web Development and has active TS/SCI clearances.  Below are the general categories of tasks we are working on, but often people straddle multiple areas so take them more as the general “gist” of what you might do with us. We are looking for smart, hard working, fun people and we will invent the right role to fit them.  The key trait we are looking for is self starting people who like to both architect/design and write the code for complex systems.

(1) Client Side – Interactive Visuals: We maintain a JavaScript API for for interactive Data Visualization using our high performance web services. We need people both to help add new dynamic animated UI components and other features to the JS API. We also need people to build data driven visuals for our demo gallery if you are artistically or data analysis inclined. Enjoy working with Knockout, Angular, D3.js, HTML5? Check our our galleries to see the kind of stuff you will be working on

(2) Full Stack Web Services – Full stack developers who are comfortable working on both client and server side to produce high performance applications powered by scalable web services are the backbone of our team.  We run C# in both .net and mono server side and also maintain a flexible client side API with a large library of reusable components. We host and run large deployments that sometimes scale to thousands of computers for scientific/industrial/gov users and in a typical day process data over 15 billion records from 110 million streaming data sources.

(3) Algorithm / Core Database Development –  We built our own in-memory database and distributed data analytics pipeline from the ground up with funding from DARPA, and we have a team of talented researchers working on Pattern analysis, Streaming analytics, Spatial queries and Network graph functions that power our visual engines. We are always looking for practical people who love writing highly optimized code that straddles the line between research and software development. We don’t usually publish scientific papers, but we are right out on the edge pulling algorithms out of the latest research papers finding really fast “good enough” approaches that let us tease interesting patterns out of data without getting lost in “science experiment land.”


  • U.S. Person based within 30 minutes of Dulles Airport
  • Active Clearances TS/SCI
  • Ability to come on site in Dulles, VA area multiple times a week while working mostly from home
  • 5 Years work experience as a programmer or more
  • Highly Comfortable with C# and Visual Studio
  • Experienced with Web Development & JavaScript

About MapLarge

MapLarge provides Big Data Analytics and Visualization to make the world safer, more productive, and more efficient.   Our platform powers high traffic website visualizations, data discovery, and business intelligence applications. These visualizations can be synchronized in a dashboard to quickly discover insights by simultaneously viewing a segment of the data in multiple forms including maps.