Jumbo Supermarkets

Jumbo Supermarkets

Veghel, NL

Technical Pathfinder

We are the fastest growing omnichannel supermarket in the Netherlands. We are continuously improving so if you feel that you can help drive this improvement, then we are looking for you.

At Jumbo Tech Campus we are looking for a Technical Pathfinder who is a subject matter expert, a technical leader, an ambassador for Jumbo and an inspiring forward thinker all rolled into one! This person shapes our digital vision, and directs the evolution of the customer-facing technologies at Jumbo, including our e-commerce engine and mobile apps.

Jumbo Tech Campus

How many companies build a technical facility to house 500 of the world’s best IT talent within the next 5 years? That is what is happening right now at Jumbo Tech Campus, and that is the measure of our ambition!

Jumbo recently developed a brand-new wing to the headquarters in Veghel, just for the Jumbo Tech Campus (JTC). Technology is one of the main drivers we can provide from our headquarters for the growth and sustenance of Jumbo as a whole.

Technical Pathfinder

Scaling any digital presence is a challenge. That’s why our pathfinder team provides guidance for our teams by leading the way and fearing no challenges. Breaking boundaries is our mantra. Never settle.

Our pathfinders are the best in the field with years of hands-on experience under their belt. Being a Pathfinder, however, doesn’t just stop at being an excellent solution architect. The job requires excellent communication skills and stakeholder management. Short to long-term vision on a wide variety of subjects, and tight alignment with your peers, the agile teams, management and business. You will be challenged, and your title won’t protect you. Your knowledge will. And in time, you will become able to steer the course of 500 employees because of trust in your knowledge and experience.

We have multiple agile teams developing new features every day. As a Technical Pathfinder, you ensure that our teams continuously develop by coaching and mentoring them, aimed at elevating their performance. You help them to get the most value out of the time they invest in changing the digital proposition because of your birds-eye view and ability to steer the long term solution.

You link the outside world (trends and technological advances) with the inner, JTC world and are always investigating and generating new innovation opportunities. You have foresight on how the digital landscape evolves and you play a key role in making that happen.

You are the best in class, an entrepreneur, you create a proof of concept when you see possibilities to innovate and are not afraid to try new things while involving our teams in these activities. You inspire and are an expert in solution architecture for digital applications, but fully dedicated to motivating and supporting autonomous teams to do the technical work themselves.

You enjoy being an ambassador, an active front runner within Jumbo and towards the outside world. You do not wait for things to happen, you make things happen. You have a passion for software development and love sharing it with your colleagues. You speak and write English fluently. Oh, and it’s a strong plus when you have retail knowledge.


Shaping the future of online food retail is a challenging job. You’ll get plenty of space to develop your own initiatives and lots of opportunities to grow, both personally and in your area of expertise. Luckily, you’ll be surrounded by the best and brightest talents to share your ideas and knowledge with. You will be part of a team of Pathfinders; experts like yourself in their own respective domains like UX design, testing, BI/Big data and SAP.

We offer

A competitive salary and great secondary benefits such as 30 days holiday, collective health insurance benefits, excellent pension scheme, a budget for investing in your training and a working environment to bring the best out of you.

About Jumbo Supermarkets

Working at Jumbo is working in an ambitious and entrepreneurial family business. We offer a very challenging job. You get a lot of room for your own initiatives and lots of opportunities to develop yourself in your area of expertise and personally. We have a lot of chances for your experience and knowledge. Jumbo believes strongly in the qualities of its people, you are our capital. If you feel at home with Jumbo you’ll become your best and we all benefit from that. Our challenges at Jumbo are enormous, just as our opportunities. Because we want to make it better for your customers every day. That’s why we’re looking for people to join our 60.000 colleague’s in making Jumbo better, every day. We at Jumbo like transparency, therefore this request: we appreciate it if companies don’t offer their services unsolicited.