Global Reach Consulting LLC

Global Reach Consulting LLC

Reston, VA

Sr. DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to lead (and build) an infrastructure group in the software development team.  We are looking for someone with both considerable systems architecture and engineering and software development experience to lead the design and implementation of orchestration frameworks, build systems, geo-redundant datastores, and logging/monitoring/metrics solutions.  This individual will work be integrated with the software engineering team but will work closely with local and remote operations teams to design and implement these solutions.

What you’ll do…

You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining a wide range of systems including a container orchestration platform, high availability/replication database architectures, application logging, health monitoring and alerting frameworks, metrics dashboards, and configuration management.  Additionally you will help design and support CI pipelines, writing Ansible scripts to provision nodes, and generally supporting deployment of cloud-native technologies.

You’d be a great fit if you…

  • Have 10+ years of relevant systems-/software-engineering experience overall.
  • Have significant experience  (8+ years) in the following areas:
    • Linux system usage and administration, to include tracing problems in network stack or system utilization, package management, etc.
    • Virtualization.
    • Docker container build and deployment.
    • Version control systems (git).
    • Log collection, forwarding, storage, reporting (e.g. ELK stack, Graylog, Splunk).
    • Metrics collection, storage, reporting (e.g. Prometheus, TICK stack)
    • System performance analysis and tuning.
    • Configuration management (e.g. Ansible, Puppet).
  • Have experience (3+ years) with the following technologies / in these technical areas:
    • Docker container orchestration platform (Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
    • Python software development.
    • Use of message-bus architectures and message queue implementations.
  • Have ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Are organized and won’t stop until the job is “solved forever”.
  • Attitude and aptitude are key. These traits trump all others.
  • This position requires the candidate to obtain and maintain a US government security clearance.  In order to obtain a clearance, you need to be a U.S. Citizen and show proof of citizenship.

It would be even better if you had experience with…

  • PostgreSQL usage or administration experience
  • NoSQL databases (e.g. Redis, Elasticsearch) experience
  • Listed examples of open-source work (e.g. github accounts, stackoverflow profiles)
  • Interest and/or experience in data visualization
  • Experience in mobile telecom space

The work will be primarily integrating open-source technologies and building any necessary software components to facilitate integration.  Depending on the candidate, the role could include more in-depth network engineering or more in-depth Python or Go software engineering.