Software Engineering Manager – Canonical Fast Track

This is the Fast Track application process for Engineering Manager roles at Canonical. Applications to this Fast Track queue are reviewed by a senior team at Canonical for placements across the company. Successful candidates will be offered a set of engineering management opportunities matched to their strengths and interests to start their career at Canonical.

As a global platform company we offer a wide range of software engineering challenges, from the Linux kernel up through Ubuntu server, desktop, IoT and operations tooling, from the public cloud to the edge, both open source products and internal commercial business systems. We work in low-level engineering with kernels and compilers and toolchains, we work with web technology, and many layers in between.

We are hiring engineering managers in the following areas:

  • Cloud native development and operations (Docker, Kubernetes, CAAS, PAAS, Serverless)
  • Internet of things technologies and capabilities
  • Containerisation and virtualization technologies
  • Devsecops tooling, practices and services
  • Commercial business systems for Canonical itself
  • Data applications from SQL databases to big data
  • AI/ML ops and technologies
  • Robotics and embedded Linux in a wide variety of industries
  • Security offerings, practices and services
  • Storage from raw disk to filesystem to network service
  • Networking from bare metal to SDN and overlays
  • Distributed systems design and implementation
  • Linux, the kernel and Ubuntu itself
  • Desktop Linux and desktop applications on Windows and macOS
  • Open source community collaboration

Our engineering managers run single teams – they either lead a whole product, or they are part of a small structure of a few teams that run a product together. We try to keep single teams in a single time zone for overlap and efficient communications.

Great engineering managers ensure productivity and satisfaction for the whole team, and coordinate with product managers and counterpart teams across the company. We expect engineering managers to be strong engineers in their own right who have come to appreciate the excitement and challenge of keeping a whole team moving quickly in the right direction.

We hold software engineering managers accountable for the rounded results of their team – not just code, but engagement with the open source community, documentation, quality, security and product performance and efficiency. We mentor managers in these areas to develop their sense of process and technique and to enable them to delegate and manage these diverse aspects of software effectively.

Are you an exceptional Software Engineering Manager candidate?

You have proven outstanding at maths and sciences, have built high quality software, learned about open source ideally by working on it directly, and are now looking for an engineering management role with a company that makes critical products for the global market.

You also believe you have excellent judgement about people – their motivations, abilities, developmental needs and prospects for success.

Your technology interests may include cloud computing, IoT, or Linux itself. You have a gift for software design and implementation, and enjoy contributing to a highly professional environment with careful choices of technology, architecture, data design, and user interface. You have broad-based knowledge of Linux, networking, software development, databases, API design and possibly web presentation layers.

You are familiar with the open source environment, and want to build products in partnership with a community.

You can demonstrate insight into performance and quality engineering practices and you are willing to help teams embrace effective disciplines on both fronts, and to hold them accountable for results. You also have an understanding of security practices and principles and the impact that engineering choices have on product security.

You have experience producing well-documented products and working with design professionals to shape the product. You have clearly articulated views on the ways engineering practices influence product outcomes, not just technically but in open source communities and in the marketplace.

You have deep experience with either or both Python and Golang. You may also have front-end web engineering experience, or deep Linux kernel or operating system experience.

It is an advantage to be able to point to open source work of your own which demonstrates these strengths.

This is a role for leadership, management, organization, architecture, design and mentorship, not individual contribution through coding. You should relish the opportunity to shape and direct and develop an engineering team that is happy and brilliant, and produces a product that will be a pleasure to use and to evolve.

In applying for this role you will need to demonstrate both exceptional technical skill, broad based knowledge of the modern open source software arena, proven mathematics or engineering ability, and the ability to articulate ideas and motivate others to embrace your thinking.