Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)


  • Lead our world-wide team of engineers to operational excellence. Discover modern best practices and make them available through productivity-increasing tooling
  • Empower teams to provide reliable systems. Facilitate the operation of service level objectives (SLO), on-call rotations and blameless post-mortems
  • Drive the construction of a multi-regional cloud-native infrastructure that delivers performance to our global user base
  • Optimize the processes for trimming down infrastructure costs and tuning our fleet of instances for maximum efficiency

Minimum Qualifications

  • Production experience in at least one programming language, such as Go, Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript
  • Knowledge of application architectures such as: distributed systems, asynchronous processing, microservices
  • Competencies in operating public cloud services using infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Experience in observability for cloud-based environments, including monitoring and logging
  • Middleware configuration / troubleshooting experience on Linux/Unix platforms
  • Business level communication in English

Preferred Skills and experience

  • Experience in running a container-based application platform, based on Kubernetes and Docker
  • Strong knowledge of fundamental AWS services with a certification as an AWS Associate or above
  • Interest in industry best practices of Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps and the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Hadoop ecosystem operation / troubleshooting experience
  • OSS publication or contribution history

Benefits and Perks

  • SmartKitchen – Healthy organic lunch at our cafeteria
  • ChikyuCoffee – Delicious coffee provided by our baristas every day
  • Foreign language skill development support
  • Various social insurance benefits included

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