Mid-Level Developer (Elixir / Ruby) – Backend, Frontend and beyond

€45,000-€55,000 / YEAR

Our offer

At BetterDoc, you will work to deliver value, not to fulfil a spec. We value curiosity, the will to learn and the drive to deliver great software. We look for people that want to see their influence on what was created and who are proud of their craft.

We do not split work by technical layers — this means that as a developer, you will see code for both the frontend and the backend, as well as the server runtime. Colleagues can set a focus on technical topics, but everybody is expected to cover a broad technical portfolio.

As a Developer at BetterDoc, you will be part of small project teams. These cross-functional teams delivering value in focused, self-managed projects.

In every project team we have people working remotely, making written communication very important. You should be able to express proposals and decisions, as well as task descriptions in written form. Team language is english, being able to communicate in german is a plus.

At BetterDoc, a developer should

  • be self-motivated;
  • write code in a sustainable way;
  • understand and embrace architectural guidelines;
  • be proficient in one or more programming language;
  • work with subject matter experts;
  • review pull requests of other team members;
  • be able to participate in all phases of the development process; and
  • help juniors improve their skills.

Remote work, your location ??

We support fully remote work, in addition to our office in Cologne, Germany.

Although we support fully remote work, we cannot allow developers to work from non-EU countries, for legal reasons.

Please be aware that if you do not live in a country belonging to EU or are planning to move to the EU, we cannot follow up on your application.

About BetterDoc

?‍?? Our mission BetterDoc is on a mission to always find the right doctors for patients with serious health issues. At the moment, our service is mainly provided by medical staff like physicians and scientific researchers. They tap into our extensive physicians database and recommend specialists, based on the patient’s health issues and intent. Now we are starting to write machines to do parts of our service. Of course, medical staff is here to stay, solve complex cases, train our machines and assure quality. Think of it as a healthy human-machine symbiosis. ?‍? The Product Development Team All our developers are able to work on different parts of our stack, both in the frontend and the backend as well as the runtime environment, with various focus areas. We value curiosity and learning - to support this, we give you a team-wide place to experiment and learn 20% of the time you are here. You can invest this time to visit a conference, contribute to open source software or start your own open source project. We are proud to trust our people instead of controlling them. Our team organises itself and reflects on how to improve our working mode. We depend on self-motivation. We offer a lot and count on you to grab what you need.