Hearst Magazines

Hearst Magazines

Chicago, IL

Senior UI Engineer with AEM

The impact you’ll have

As part of Hearst Magazine’s digital agency, iCrossing, you will be instrumental in developing digital experiences using cutting edge technology for Fortune 100 clients. You’re hungry to use the latest and greatest and ready to push yourself to learn new frameworks and methodologies for creating consumer digital experiences. For this position, the ability to code complex and rich front end designs is imperative and ideally have worked in an environment that uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and know how to develop and use AEM components.

What you’ll do

  • You will be responsible for developing front end code for highly visible marketing and eCommerce Websites
  • You will Implement high fidelity, responsive UI layouts from creative comps
  • You will Collaborate with back-end developers to integrate UI code in applications ensuring cross-browser compatibility of UI code across
  • You will work as a team member on large accounts, understanding how a team operates and what is expected of the various roles on the project
  • You will have a chance to establish presentation layer technical requirements
  • You may produce interim deliverables (such as style guide components, technical specifications, browser and market analysis, prototypes, proofs of concept, etc.) in addition to the final live site or application. In addition, you may participate in project estimation and contribute to authoring of technical and business requirement documentation

Who you are

  • You have at least four (4) years of experience hand-coding creatively rich pages in HTML5, CSS (SASS/Less) and JavaScript
  • You have a strong fundamental understanding of the JavaScript programming language, integration of web pages and applications with RESTful webservices
  • You have some experience with Node-based workflow and build systems such as Webpack
  • You have experience with Javascript libraries such as React
  • You have experience working on scrum teams in an Agile context
  • You possess a strong understanding of modern web development practices including implementing responsive design and mobile first layouts
  • You are adept with GIT and have a solid understanding of best practices for version control across distributed teams
  • You may have some proficiency in UX design, information architecture and/or graphic design, but prefer to code!
  • You have experience building:
    • AEM applications using version 6.3 and higher
    • Custom components using HTL
    • Custom templates (Editable and Static)
    • Custom client libraries
    • Multilingual websites
  • You have a strong understanding of AEM best practices
  • AEM certified developer is a plus
  • You have an understanding or experience with:
    • Java
    • Maven
    • OSGI
    • Sling Models, Servlets, Components and Services

About Hearst Magazines

How We Work We are defined by small autonomous teams with a strong sense of ownership. We are tenacious problem solvers and don’t just think about solving problems at the surface level. We go beyond that, and are always anticipating how we can make our clients more successful in their day-to-day. We provide the environment and support needed for our team of software designers, engineers, and product managers to deliver the best architectures, and designs from self-organized teams. Our highest priority is to satisfy the end user and continuously deliver valuable software solutions to our clients in 2-3 week sprints. Our agile processes promote sustainable development in an evolving industry with stakeholder touch points throughout the projects lifecycle.  Our Values We are inclusive. We respect each other and strive to build inclusive experiences for our users and team. Everyone has a voice. We communicate and are transparent. We keep our teams informed. We educate other teams about our work and why it is important to the company and how it may affect them. We are accountable. We are committed to our teams, support each other, and follow through on the things we say we’re going to do. We are engaged. We actively participate in team conversations and ask questions. We collaborate. We help our teammates and ask for help when we need it. We have fun. We make time to build relationships with our peers. We are responsive. We celebrate our wins and learn from our failures. We are open to growth. We are always learning by giving and receiving feedback. We are always developing new skills. We put users first. By making intuitive user experience we bring value to our products. We create the highest-quality products that our users love. Our work is valuable and we measure success based on data and what we deliver to our users. We embrace the product design process and embrace change. We value each other's time. We honor each other's time-commitments and constraints. We take time to rest and recharge.