Senior Software Engineer, Backend – Cloud & Big Data

$160,000-$200,000 / YEAR


A stellar opportunity to have a massive impact on the future of Hopper’s travel technology! We’re hiring an amazing Backend Engineer to join the Fintech team here at Hopper! Our team is developing new products that will build the foundation for the next generation of travel selling and booking technology and contributes to 70% of the company’s overall revenue! As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be directly responsible for designing, implementing, and deploying the complex backend systems that power Hopper’s award-winning user experience!


  • Solve complex technical problems to empower engineering teams
  • Work in a dynamic microservices environment with a rich API tier
  • Ship your first code in days, iterating on features in an agile manner leveraging Scala and technologies like GCP, Kafka, BigQuery, BigTable, Hbase, Cloud SQL
  • Build robust and performant infrastructure that supports millions of dollars of revenue.
  • Make important architectural decisions about core backend systems to take advantage of our microservices architecture
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of people, giving and receiving feedback for growth
  • Execute on big opportunities, helping Hopper rise to the top of the travel industry!


  • Experience thriving in dynamic backend environments, delivering user experience at scale.
  • Experience working with persistence technologies
  • The ability to bring leading industry techniques and technologies to the table
  • Experience mentoring and leading people at different stages in their career
  • Excels in cross-functional teams, working fluidly with Product Managers, Data Scientists, Mobile Engineers, and other highly skilled specialists
  • A passionate focus on quality, writing testable code that performs well for our consumers

About Hopper

Hopper's goal has always been to empower travellers. It goes beyond just saving money on flights and hotels (although that's a big part of it). We give our users unprecedented access to big data. We design thoughtful, award-winning mobile products. We offer a seamless experience before, during, and after our users travel. Every part of our business is focused on creating a world where everyone can fly. Hopper learns and builds together. We've hired the most talented engineers, data scientists, marketers, designers, and leaders to accomplish these goals. But there's more work to do. More problems to solve. More travellers to inspire. And we would love for you to take off with us.If you thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments and believe in the ability of technology to change the world, learn more about our open jobs and apply at hopper.com/careers.