ADASHI Systems

ADASHI Systems

United States

Senior Software Developer (C# and .NET)

$80,000-$130,000 / YEAR

Adashi Systems is a dynamic, entrepreneurial firm looking for exceptional people to join in our obsession to help fire departments. Our software is used by some of the largest first responder agencies in the world to respond to and manage emergencies. As a leading software developer in the Public Safety market, Adashi Systems is in the business of saving lives.

We seek passionate, highly motivated, and highly skilled C# developers to work in a team that creates standalone mobile and desktop applications as well as server applications. Client applications are developed in C# using WPF/XAML and an MVVM design. Server applications are written in C#, are database agnostic (currently use Microsoft stack), and support a large number of concurrent clients that each maintain a socket connection for keeping entire fleets in sync.

 The C# developer will need the ability to interface with WPF and XAML at every level including styles, the development of templates (Control, Data, Hierarchical), Value Converters, triggers (all types), attached dependency properties, development of lookless controls, advanced binding (all types), behaviors, drawing, brushes, transformations, animation, visual states, visuals, and Windows forms interoperability.  Significant experience using Visual Studio are required.

We also prefer a strong understanding of databases, threading, asynchronous programming, persistence technologies, synchronization technologies, sockets, streams, and other non UI technologies.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • 5 years C#/.net
  • 3 years WPF
  • Preferred:  MVVM, Xamarin, and a degree in Computer Science


Competitive full-time salary dependent upon skills/experience plus great benefits that include health/dental/vision, HSA, 401k matching, flexible working hours, and opportunities for advancement.

Please Note: You must be eligible to work in the USA without a visa or visa renewal. No visas will be sponsored.

About ADASHI Systems

 About Adashi ADASHI is the leading developer of software for emergency responders. We are fundamentally changing the way first responders use technology to save lives. Our response and command & control software is used by leading fire departments and international crisis units to arrive fast, assess the situation, and maneuver efficiently.