Cookpad Limited

Cookpad Limited

Bristol, GB

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

As an SRE Engineer at Cookpad you will have a lot of opportunities to innovate and explore new technologies. The SRE team is in the early stages of building a new platform based on Kubernetes for running Cookpad’s production services and you’ll have a lot of say on its design and implementation. We love solving problems using open source technologies and we contribute back to the community by open sourcing some of our tools.

In particular, you will:

  • Guarantee the reliability of Cookpad’s services.
  • Provide platforms and tooling that enable shipping to production easily and reliably.
  • Mitigate incidents as part of our blameless post mortem culture and build solutions and automation to prevent them from happening again.
  • Provide support to a global and diverse organization working in different countries.


This is a senior level role and we are looking for the following skills and experience:

  • Experience in software engineering and automation in one or more modern programming languages.
  • Experience in containerization and deploying applications to Kubernetes, ECS or other container schedulers.
  • Familiar with at least one Cloud environment, for example, AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Comfortable managing software in a Linux based environment.

In the SRE team we use the following technologies:

Programming language: Ruby and Go for scripting and building tools.

Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform, Jsonnet and Itamae (our own lightweight Chef).

Cloud provider: AWS.

Container schedulers: Kubernetes and AWS ECS.

CI/CD: AWS CodeBuild, Github Actions and Jenkins.

Observability: Grafana, Prometheus, Thanos, Alertmanager, Elasticsearch and Amazon CloudWatch.

Data stores: MySQL, Redis, Memcached and DynamoDB.

Event Streaming: Kafka.

About Cookpad Limited

Cookpad is a community platform that enables people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. It’s a global platform used by more than 100 million people every month in almost 80 countries across the world. Our mission is to make everyday cooking fun. Because we believe that cooking is the key to a happier and healthier life for people, communities and the planet. People join us because they share our vision to improve people’s lives. As a company Cookpad invests heavily in learning and development -we hire smart people who thrive in small, highly collaborative and energised teams, and who look at what we do and want to be part of it.