Passio Inc.

Passio Inc.

Senior iOS Mobile Engineer

$150,000-$200,000 / YEAR


Passio is looking for a talented Mobile iOS Engineer with interest in AI and AR to join our team.

Why should you be excited?

At Passio we are combining AI and AR to build the future of AI-driven applications and our mobile AI SDKs are already powering some of the world’s largest apps, including MyFitnessPal.

You will be working with a talented team of Ph.D.’s and AI scientists and see the results of your work impacting lives of millions of people around the world.

Technical Skills:

  • 4+ years of iOS experience. Deep experience in the iOS Stack – Swift / Objective-C.
  • You must be able to lead and own the full iOS App and SDK deployment cycle.
  • Experience with ARKit, coreML, and Metal is a plus.
  • Experience with Android and React Native is a plus.
  • Experience working in a fast-moving startup environment


  • Work with our mobile and AI teams to build mobile AI and AR SDKs.
  • Create new AR experiences powered by on-device AI.
  • Research and build novel solutions for managing on-device neural network training
  • Work with a variety of customers on integrating our SDKs and building experiences.

Why Apply:

  • You want to excel in a rapidly growing and highly ambitious startup environment.
  • You want to define and build the future of mobile AI and AR.
  • You want to see the results of your work impacting lives of over a billion people.

About Passio Inc.

Passio is a machine learning company specializing in on-the-edge machine learning and real-time user interaction & engagement. Our first products (currently in beta) are designed to help companies to add real-time food recognition system to their applications and empower their users with tools for seamless food tracking and nutrition insights.Our recognition technology runs on edge devices with real-time speeds and is designed for integration into enterprise apps and products via easy-to-use SDKs and APIs. Our team can work closely with the enterprise customers to make integration of Passio's platform effortless and to create fully customized solutions.