United States

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

$100,000-$130,000 / YEAR

This position will contribute directly to the success of our product.  As a senior engineer at an early-stage startup, you will have a great deal of flexibility in finding innovative solutions to problems of function, scale, and presentation.

Our codebase is primarily JavaScript with React/Redux on the frontend and a Node.js API. We have a small team which is agile and flexible, so we’re interested in people who can contribute on multiple platforms. We process a tremendous amount of financial data – more than 100 million records on an average workday. We utilize a variety of backend technologies to accomplish this.

At Unhedged you can expect to:

  • Contribute to a clean, scalable SPA using React and a modern build toolchain
  • Design and deliver a full-featured mobile application using React Native
  • Drive technical investment in physical and virtual infrastructure – including library and platform selection and implementation procedures
  • Guide our testing and deployment strategies to scale as required
  • Safeguard the consistency and security of our data and that of our customers in all phases
  • Analyze customer use to ensure optimal application of developer resources

We ask for 5+ years of development experience. You should know JavaScript at an intimate level. Knowledge of MongoDB, time-series databases, React Native, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and testing frameworks such as Cypress are a plus.

About Unhedged

Unhedged is a financial research & data platform. Our unique approach to combining research productivity tools with institutional-grade data & functionality yields a product unlike any other on the market.  Unhedged offers a competitive package of salary and benefits. We are an equal opportunity employer.