Alfi Inc.

Alfi Inc.

Denver, CO

Senior Front-End Developer

The Opportunity

Excellent opportunity for a top-notch Sr. Front-End Developer skilled in React to help drive and contribute to the development and vision of Alfi’s current & next-gen products.

As a Sr. Front-End Developer, you will have the chance to take ownership of your wheelhouse as you lead in your own direction in lockstep with your peers. You will be responsible for delivering clean and effective code in alignment with initiative deadlines, contributing to the adherence of the Scrum methodology, and using your skills & experience to provide mentorship to Junior Developers to facilitate industry best practices.

This is an exciting opportunity in a fast-growing startup enterprise for anyone who is looking to advance their career with the expectation of contributing to our company values & team-culture. If you’re looking to get in with an edge company at a great time, with a great team of passionate engineers, please read on.

The Responsibilities

  • Translate UI/UX compositions into functional, extensible, and testable components.
  • Develop readable code from an interface-first approach to deliver features on a timely cadence.
  • Provide feedback & review peers’ code and refactor code of your own when necessary.
  • Contribute to ongoing documentation.
  • Provide articulate mentorship of Mid-Level & Junior developers on clean code design and best practices.
  • Participate in all faculties of Scrum Methodology.

The Requirements

  • 5+ years of JavaScript (ES5+), CSS(2+), and experience consuming internal & external Web API’s.
  • 2+ years of React development and Flux implementations.
  • Strong understanding of Front-End concepts: e.g; Hash-Routing, DOM, ShadowDOM, CSSOM, Box-Model.
  • Demonstrable ability to decompose UI elements into reusable components.
  • Solid understanding of both OOP and Functional Programming concepts.
  • Firm understanding of Software Coupling, Composition vs Inheritance, and Function Purity.
  • Eye for UX design, mind for engineering simplicity, and propensity to program to interfaces — not implementations.
  • Must work in the Downtown Denver office

The Bonuses

  • Familiarity with Scrum Methodology
  • Classic algorithms & data-structures, Software Design Patterns, SOLID, and more than 1 front-end framework.
  • ReactNative, Redux, or other front-end stores and data-flow models.
  • Java, Scala, Kotlin, and Android development.
  • Python, AWS, Lambdas, REST.
  • Experience or interest in PHP/Wordpress.

The Benefits

If your skillset aligns with the qualifications above, then we welcome your application to work with the best, rapidly growing team here at Alfi. Everyone at Alfi acknowledges that hard work, bravery, honesty, accountability and dignity are universal values that benefit everyone and empower the individual to accomplish even the toughest goals. We invite you to join our growing family of engineers on this journey.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Stock Options
  • Two Weeks Paid Vacation Leave
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Snacks and Drinks

About Alfi Inc.

We are a team of highly skilled innovators and technical experts; our goal is to bring the most cutting-edge technologies and innovations such as Cloud computing, AI, and real-time Analytics to the Digital Out-of-Home market. We are building a disruptive product and our dream is to see Alfi lead the way to a new standard of excellence and value within the market.We are an AWS workshop, our company is part of the AWS Activate Program and we are in the process of obtaining AWS partner certification. We are also an NVIDIA Inception partner and we are looking to grow the collaboration to the next level as we build our new AI and VR on the edge products.We value transparency and communication within the engineering team, delivery of customer value, high team integration across the technology stack, and agility in the delivery. We promote an inclusive culture where each developer has the opportunity to drive the development and architecture of the product. We place great value on software development best practices and high code quality and we promote developers' growth.Our team is still small with a very inclusive and friendly startup-like atmosphere, but expanding at a high speed and we are looking out for ambitious and skillful engineers to help us move to the next level.