United States

Senior Backend Engineer

$140,000-$165,000 / YEAR

Our Next Senior Backend Engineer
As Knotch’s next Senior Backend Engineer, you will work alongside a team of backend engineers on various internal and external APIs. You’ll construct and maintain these APIs as part of new features and new products, developed within an agile framework and in an environment that believes in automated testing and a strong CI/CD pipeline. Your empathy and relentlessness are key traits that will help you remain resilient and connected to your team in a fast-paced environment like ours. Your work will directly impact our products and help Knotch scale as a company. You will work closely every day with your Backend API Team and report directly to our Lead Backend Engineer, Haiz Oppenheimer.

How you’ll add value to Knotch

  • Write elegant and expressive Ruby for critical backend services and APIs.
  • Build and ship product features to deliver outstanding value to customers.
  • Coordinate with members of the Front-end, Data, and QA teams to stage and release complex technical initiatives.
  • Identify opportunities to improve our application performance and optimize database queries and modeling.
  • Re-architect legacy systems and collaborate with the whole API team to plan and execute initiatives to improve application quality.
  • Review other engineers’ pull requests and provide constructive technical feedback, guidance, and mentoring as appropriate.
  • Write strategic unit and integration tests to improve overall test coverage.

About you

  • You have 4+ years experience writing production web applications, preferably in Ruby.
  • You are team-oriented, and you value empathetic communication and collaboration.
  • You have designed APIs according to proper RESTful conventions. Experience with GraphQL is a plus.
  • You have written SQL with aggregate functions and also worked with an ORM such as ActiveRecord or Sequel.
  • You appreciate the merits of both object-oriented and functional programming, and approach architecture from a practical solution-oriented perspective.
  • You hold strong but flexible opinions about best practices in software engineering, and believe in investing time and energy into continuous improvement.
  • You have built complex web applications and leveraged patterns beyond simple models, views, and controllers.
  • You ask a lot of questions and value exploring healthy creative tensions within an organization, knowing it improves outcomes. You are comfortable working in close proximity to unanswered questions.

We also appreciate but don’t require

  • Cloud architectures, particularly in AWS.
  • Docker and containerization
  • Devops and CI/CD pipelines
  • Redis and Sidekiq
  • GraphQL
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Elixir and Phoenix

About Knotch

Hear from our leaders themselves about why a career at Knotch means so much to any of our employees. From our Co-Founders "Our ambition for Knotch careers is to build a completely flexible culture that accepts and values people’s differences. We get to show up every day and feel that we belong. We’re fueled by curiosity, and we aren’t afraid to fail. We’re inclusive, we’re transparent, and we’re relentless. Our emphasis on positive reinforcement motivates all of us to work harder. Companies don’t fail, people give up. We’re in this together, and we’re never giving up." —Founders, Anda & Aron The Engineering Team at Knotch "It’s an exciting time to join the Knotch Engineering team. Since we’re a growing organization, anyone that joins would progress in their career along with us! Having such growth allows us to work on complex problems in product development and scale our platform for current and future growth. Our engineering landscape is a wide scope, from front-end, APIs, dev-ops, data integrations, data science/engineering, all hosted on AWS cloud and AWS products. When you join our engineering team, you’ll be working with a group of passionate, collaborative, open-minded, and hardworking individuals. We trust each other and hold one another accountable to deliver high quality products as one team. If you’re looking to make a real impact and work on trending technologies, then the Knotch Engineering team is the place to be." – Sekhar Vajjhala, VP of Engineering About Knotch Knotch is the Content Intelligence Platform that enables communications and marketing teams to measure, understand, and optimize content ROI across their digital efforts. Some of the world's largest brands such as JP Morgan Chase, Salesforce, AT&T, and Deloitte trust us to help them own their voice online, and we allow their customers to own theirs as well. This transparency and empowerment helps these communications become truly worthwhile for both creators and audiences. For more on Knotch's products, visit our website. Our Stellar Team#616 of 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America: Inc. (2020) Best Places To Work: Built In NYC (2020, 2019, 2018) Best Small Companies to Work For: Built In NYC (2020, 2019, 2018) Best Places to Work: Inc. (2019, 2018)Hiring During COVID-19 As we navigate this global health crisis, employers and job seekers have both faced a difficult hiring market. As COVID-19 continues to affect the global economy, we still believe that Knotch is in a strong position, and we are committed to continue hiring essential positions. If you’d like to speak with our recruiting team about the future of Knotch, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn. Here’s what else we’re doing in this time:As a product, we continue to monitor brands’ COVID-19 and crisis communications for free.  As a brand, we continue to share our market content and compile public industry reports.  As a company, we adjusted our benefits to be inclusive of our employees.Our Commitment to Diversity Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anda Gansca, often refers to Knotch as a “band of misfits.” Throughout history, it's misfits that have ignited change, turned conversation into action, and dismantled accepted concepts of "fitting in."  Whether it was Elizabeth Cady Staton leading the Suffrage Movement; Oliver Brown fighting the US government to allow his daughter, Linda Carol Brown, to go to integrated school; or Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson rioting police brutality against the LGBTQ+ community and throwing the first bricks at Stonewall — those bold enough to challenge systemic norms are the ones that create a better, more inclusive future for all of us.  At Knotch, we aim to celebrate diverse voices and foster belonging and inclusion across all teams and functions. We acknowledge that we have more work to do when it comes to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The tech space is an arena ready for change, and it can start with us. We are committed to hiring more Black talent, fostering belonging amongst our represented communities through ERGs and committees, and frequently educating and training our staff on anti-bias, anti-harassment, and anti-racism. Like the misfits before us, we are committed to turning conversation into action and redefining what it means to “fit in.” We at Knotch are breaking the mold, by empowering brands and consumers to own their voice online. Internally, we are empowering employees to own their voice in the workplace. Diverse perspectives and experiences are necessary if we aim to fully realize our core value of Inclusiveness. We are committed to putting in the work to make that core value more of a reality every day. Knotch Engineering Team Knotch’s vision is to allow brands and consumers to own their voice online. Transparency through data is our ethos and something every member of our company takes seriously. Our Engineering Team loves to experiment, finds a deep joy in product iteration and achieves stability with thoughtful architecture and testing all while monitoring our performance and progress at every step. We receive millions of web requests a day, process insights in real-time, and store gigabytes worth of information in our cloud-based architecture. These well-designed architectures, simple yet effective software implementations, and iterative executions have been the keys to our success thus far.