Temporal Technologies

Temporal Technologies

Principal Product Manager – Cloud

We are on a mission to remove the complexity in developing reliable software for the cloud. If you want to solve hard distributed system problems, have a passion for open source software and building a strong developer community, then come join us in our mission.

What team members bring to the table:

First principal and critical thinking skills, good design sensibilities, experience working in or with distributed systems and the challenges they bring, and a passion for advancing the state of the art along with the potential to change the way developers everywhere write distributed applications.

What team members are doing at Temporal:

Collaborating daily with highly technical and truly brilliant leaders in the field, drawing pictures and writing words around architecture, design and implementation of innovative systems and software. Writing clean code either building on or utilizing Temporal to make the world a better place by providing value to developers through world-class open source and hosted software.

We’re currently investing in our:

  • Open Source Server platform
  • Open Source Client Runtime/SDK to support many programming languages
  • Developer community to build integrations
  • SaaS offering

Technology We Enjoy:

  • The right tool for the job
  • Entirely cloud-based infrastructure
  • A variety of programming languages
  • CNCF projects and cloud native tooling
  • Managed services with clean APIs
  • Open Source Software
  • Hashicorp Software
  • Developer’s choice of operating system (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Note: Temporal is written in Go (server) and Rust (core SDK), but language specific experience is not necessary to join.

The Temporal Cloud team is responsible for the success and adoption of the Temporal Cloud offering. As part of the team, you will help define fundamentally new cloud capabilities which are enabled by the Temporal model. You will work with all levels of internal and external stakeholders and be responsible for productizing standard features such as provisioning, billing and resource management. In addition to defining and managing the development of new features, the team will also drive adoption by developing a frictionless onboarding and migration process. As part of the cloud effort, you’ll work alongside some of the largest companies in the world, who are already using Temporal for mission critical applications.

About The Role:

You will lead productization of the Temporal Cloud offering and work directly with the Head of Product and CEO to develop a long term cloud strategy for the company. Temporal is a disruptive technology with thousands of fundamental product opportunities yet to be discovered. You will partner with dozens of high profile companies to shape our GA offering. Temporal Cloud is the sole monetization strategy for the company, so the impact of this role cannot be understated.

What you’ll do:

  • Lead the Temporal Cloud product effort and define fundamentally new features and capabilities for Temporal Cloud.
  • Work directly with Temporal leadership to define our cloud, go-to-market strategy.
  • Consolidate inputs and insights from Temporal users and collaborate with internal stakeholders to drive development of the overarching vision.
  • Create PRDs, strawmans and other product documents to define cloud features.
  • Work to define a scalable pricing strategy and sales model.
  • Work alongside some of the most successful companies in the world who are already using Temporal for mission critical applications.
  • Create new internal and external content to drive adoption, retention and culture.
  • Use your experience, research, and empathy with the developers in our open source community to craft a product story for Temporal.
  • Keep stakeholders across the community and business updated, engaged, and excited about the work our teams are doing and why it is valuable and enabling to our users.
  • Bring your own unique experiences to discussions and regularly challenge us to embrace new perspectives and approaches.

What you bring to us:

  • Excellent product management skills backed by concrete technical competency.
  • Experience driving and managing new features through the entire product lifecycle
  • Experience with the cloud, including popular primitives, trends, architecture best practices etc.
  • Experience crafting a vision which can bring together stakeholders with a common shared goal.
  • Experience analyzing and evaluating the tradeoffs between various approaches, and then making an informed decision on what to prioritize and why.
  • Experience conducting customer/user discussions and uncovering the real underlying problems they need solved.
  • Experience building and shipping successful products for technical users.
  • Experience with software engineering or programming.
  • BS in CS or equivalent and applicable experience.

About Temporal Technologies

Temporal offers an entirely new way to build scalable and reliable applications. Temporal enables developers to focus on writing important business logic, and not on managing state or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. The Temporal platform is already being utilized by top-tier companies to build their mission critical systems. Our active open source community of developers (our users) provide us with real-time feedback and contributions. We're backed by top VC's and have a team of professionals from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and more.